Is it possible to book those Qantas AirNZ codeshares between major cities?

May 1, 2020
I note that Qantas had codeshares on AirNZ flights from AKL to WLG and AKL to CHC. For instance, QF8540 AKL to CHC or QF8532 AKL to WLG. However, I can't seem to book these at all, even in combination with a Qantas trans-tasman flight on the same day. These are nicer than the JQ flights since they would get me into the domestic Koru lounge (well, once I have SG anyway) before the flight.


ExpertFlyer shows seats on these flights, but I dunno if that means they're actually bookable. Anyone have any ideas? I've tried the Qantas multi-city tool (in combination with a same-day Qantas trans-tasman) to no avail. Is this a case of needing a travel agent or calling up? Or maybe only bookable if no JQ flights available? Or are they just not bookable full stop despite nominally having capacity? Perhaps only bookable as part of another transit (i.e. AKL to WLG to PMR)?

I tried to price flights such as Sydney to Palmerston North or Sydney to Timaru, but even then the booking engine wasn't giving me these flights. In the former case, it would only show the AKL to PMR flight, and in the latter case, it would force me to fly straight into Wellington then onto Timaru instead of via. Auckland

Note: I'm probably not going to book these, this is more out of curiosity to be honest
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Feb 6, 2018
Maybe poor choice of regional destinations combined with routing restrictions.

Timaru only has flights from WLG so would naturally route through WLG. But the domestic schedule may not work well with trans-Tasman flight timings.

There are no flights between Wellington and Palmerston North (these stopped many years ago). So again naturally route via Auckland.

Attempting to book flights to Australia ex-NZ does bring up the QF codeshares on NZ flights between WLG & AKL as well as JQ. Often the NZ flights are better timed and less risk of cancellation these days.


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Jun 3, 2010
In my understanding, the QF flight numbers could only be booked with booking QF from Aus to NZ, as they are for online/interline connections only, and can’t be purchased as a freestanding segment.