Help regarding grossly inflated airfare now on special


Apr 14, 2008
Dear friends,

My parents (who are physically very well and in their mid-70s) just booked two J return tickets on Qantas/LAN (I don't know exact details) from SYD-SCL for their once-in-a-lifetime Antarctica cruise this Xmas (travelling mid-December to mid-January). They booked on the Qantas website and paid $14k return, each.

Now a couple of days later Qantas decides to go on special and sell this for HALF the price on the dates that they have booked.

What do you think are the best options?

Could they cancel, take a credit voucher and use half of it on a new fare and save the rest for later? As they tend to go on several overseas vacations a year, this would potentially be a viable option.

Opinions greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,
But what is the time taken to get a cash refund with Qantas less cancellation fees?

When they booked a J fare with Qatar airlines just before the pandemic, it took them 18 months (and about five written letters) to get their refund.
In my experience if it's cancellable online, then the refund comes through in under 2 weeks 90% of the time. The other 10% of the time is when their IT throws a fit and you have to chase the refund up.
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I would love to hear a trip report on Mongolia on an AFF on air podcast :)
IIRC that was only allowed for specific COVID credits. I believe the general rule is equal amount or higher, and you can split the passengers into separate PNRs/vouchers
I thought MattG is there. Matt_01 came from Mongolia earlier.

Anyway, back to the topic, my parents cancelled their airfare, with cancellation fees of $300 each off a total fare of $29750. They didn't have the balance on their credit card so I lent them the amount of the new fare of only $6998 each. Net of fees, a saving of over $15k. There was a minor date change - they are staying a few more days in Santiago at the start as I suggested at their age jet lag takes a bit longer to dissipate.

Thank you all for your advice, it yielded enough for their 2025 trip to Turkey and Morocco!!!

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