Good airfare to selected European cities with Thai airlines. Must book by 9 Oct 2014

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Jan 13, 2013
one offer from Groupon for $1499, TG airways $1501
Thai airlines is $2 dearer than groupon but may have more flexibility.

Thai Airways: $1499 Europe Rtn
What You Get

Fly to London, Paris, Rome, Frankfurt or Copenhagen
Departures available from Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane
Take off soon with departures in October and November
Fly Thai Airways, with full service and 30kgs of checked luggage
No additional taxes or surcharges
• Strictly no cancellation once booking is confirmed
• Stop over available in Bangkok on route to/from your final destination
Late night flight BKK to FRA has 380 service so might be worth checking which planes will carry you
• Maximum duration of travel cannot exceed 2 months
• Departures from Syd and Melb are subject to specific flights weekly -
• Depart between: 1 Oct 2014 and 30 Nov 2014
• Return between: 10 Oct 2014 and 30 Jan 2015
• Must book by: 9 Oct 2014
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