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Mar 20, 2014
Hello all.

After a four hour drive with the son the future wife and I have decided taking him on a honeymoon will not be a great we have decided to ditch the Tahiti idea.

So what can we expect from our following itinerary.
Any help, clues, suggestions, information, experiences will be greatly appreciated.
From what to expect in the air to lounge access before and after flights .
What can be enjoyed in the lounges.
As well as which lounges can be accessed (we are SG Qantas) [but as stated below it will mostly be booked as classic award flights therefore will not carry any qf numbers.....all tickets booked with Qantas and not a qf number or plane in sight]
Airline chauffeured transfers as well as best ways to get to hotels on our own.
As well as hotels to stay at. (we prefer Hiltons but when Hiltons are not around we like IHG properties)
Even what to do in the airports as far as shops/activities are concerned.

also expect to book all flights (or at least all bar 1 or 2 flights) with points.

what would be a good insurance provider to use to cover anything that could go wrong (mainly to make sure we don't lose out on all our flights) (we are in our mid/late 20's)

I expect to book it all in the next two weeks. all flights in September.

cairns - hong kong on CX J-class (7 hour flight leaving 1250 local time) spend 24hours in HK (want to stay at Hilton but seems very pricey for basic room, happy to stay at a IHG hotel)

hong kong - Dubai (gets in at 2310 local time) emirates - F (8 hour flight departing at 1900 hk local time)


Dubai to Male 945 local time (approx. 10 hours after arriving in Dubai [what do we do for the 10 hours?]) emirates - F (4 hour flight)

leave male a few days later

male - doha on QR J-class (4.5 hour flight) arrives at 2155
3hours later
doha - hong kong CX J-class (8.5 hour flight) arrives at 1440 local time (with the new qr/cx agreement in place I am unsure which lounge I can access travelling J CX from doha)

spend the night in hong kong

fly out
hong kong to Tokyo on CX F (4 hour flight) arrives at 1400 local time
final flight leaves Tokyo at 2055 local time.... (do we have time to go into Tokyo or any away from the airport for a few hours??)

Tokyo to cairns 2055 (7.5 hour flight) Jetstar Star Class ......what can we expect from this.....we have decided that as it will probably be a disappointment compared to the rest of our flights at least we can fall asleep and not feel like we have missed to much

also my future former wife would like to know what to do/experience in the Maldives Conrad resort
I plan to do a lot of, sleep, swim, relax.
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