First year annual fee waived for "Coles Rewards MasterCard"

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Aug 20, 2014
Background information

Coles Rewards MasterCard ($49 annual fee) gives you 2 FlyBuy points per $1 spent.

Coles No Annual Fee MasterCard (no annual fee) gives you 1 FlyBuy point per $2 spent.

Quoted FlyBuy point earned is on-top-of the normal flybuy points earns at Coles and partners. Therefore, when buying at Coles supermarket with Coles Rewards MC, you actually get 3 FlyBuy points per $1 spent.

Waiving the 1st-year $49 annual fee for Coles Rewards MC

To do this, simply apply the Coles No Annual Fee MC (best to wait when there's a sign-up bonus of 10,000 FlyBuy points (=$50 in Coles $$ terms)).

Once activated, called the customer service saying you like an upgrade to the Coles Rewards MC.

You will get the first year annual fee waived. They won't send you a new Coles Rewards MC card. You will continue to use the curent Coles No Annual Fee MC but it earns 2 FlyBuy Points per $1 spent.

TellColes Survey

Don't forget to complete the monthly Tell Coles survey to earn 500 FlyBuy points. By far the quickest/economical way to accumulate FB points.
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