DYKWIA Hong Kong Lounge Review

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Apr 22, 2010
DYKWIA Hong Kong Lounge Review

(The fanbois may disagree passionately with this review - but hey DYKWIA? )

I think I'll begin with the summary of my Singapore Lounge Review.... "It's nice, yes it's an improvement, but totally does not match the hype (or perhaps hyperbole) surrounding it".

I think the improvement in the Hong Kong Lounge is quite dramatic from the very "average" product offering available before in the Business Lounge, and the First Lounge. That said, I do feel there is a risk that the hype does not match the reality (not as badly as Singapore).

Qantas' marketing problem here is simple, and that is that when they first mooted the new lounges for Singapore, Hong Kong & Los Angeles they said that they would be offshore Marc Newson F Lounges ala MEL/SYD. That's a big expectation to create (which they subsequently "enhanced" and downplayed).

So.... Back to HKG..


- much nicer lounge than the previous excuse of an F Lounge.
- much nicer lounge than the previous Business Bomb Bunker
- LOTS of good, useful, practical seating. The lounge is very "functional".
- LOTS of power outlets.
- Buffet is decent (but so was the buffet in the old lounges).
- BBQ Bar is nice for the BBQ Pork aficionados
- Showers are improved
- Priority Showering for P1s & CL (and F I assume). Disappointingly this service does not include your own personal showerer . (Maybe that's a BKK feature).
- Tray around food cart is a nice touch.

The MEHs:

- I'm not persuaded by this "dish of the day dining" in both the SIN & HKG lounges. I honestly think it's a bit of a wank. It's like QF felt they needed to pretend to do something seeing as they're no longer meeting the original expectations. If you're going to do this - you really need to at least offer two dishes so it feels a bit more "restauranty". Otherwise - just ditch it and save costs - you can offer the same dish at the buffet.
- In-seat drink service would be more useful IMHO.
- I'm sure I had been told by someone that the BBQ Bar offered other dishes besides the BBQ Pork but when I enquired I was told "just BBQ Pork and Rice". Apparently all other options are at the buffet .

Which leads me to another observation, perhaps it was just the day, but all 3 of the "signature lounge offerings" were pork.
1/ BBQ Bar - only serving BBQ Pork
2/ Dish of the Day - Pork
3/ Tray around cart - Pork Dumplings

This is great if you like / feel like pork. But perhaps it should be called the Pork Lounge . I have no issue with that and I respect a great many folks think that is a representation of heaven itself. But it's a bit silly if you ask me. At the very least the Dish of the Day should have been something different.


The Lounge is an EXCELLENT Business lounge, and I look forward to enjoying it in my future non-Platinum days. However it may be unfair to compare it to the Wing for the F Lounge, but it's only a few minutes away and provides a far superior food offering in The Haven and The Noodle Bar (not to mention the Cabanas and the cool pass-through-shirt-pressing-service).

In the future I'll most likely go to the Wing for shower and dinner, and then migrate to the QF lounge for pre-flight coughtails and delay announcements.

Those below WP/F access level will love the QF lounge and it is a good quality lounge.

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Apr 8, 2010
Mmmmmmm, pork (walks away drooling)

agree...Pork yummm..especially when someone else prepares/creates/cooks it ... and does a much better job than I can ever do when I try to 'concoct' a pork dish ...i'm no 'masterchef' :oops:
I always appreciate ANY food that someone else can cook better than I could ever cook...which is why I rarely complain about others peoples food!! :D
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