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Dec 4, 2013
Hi All,

Think a month or so ago the credit savvy website was launched, which provided free credit scoring backed by experian data.

As a veda subscriber I had a passing interest in how it compared so I signed up. Unfortunately my address doesn't appear in their address database and I failed verification. I didn't really care so I left it.
Fast forward to today, I received an email from them inviting me to sign up again, stating that they've updated their system to accept non-listed addresses.

So I gave them another go.

The score they reported was remarkably similar to my score that I got from Veda, (within 8 points of eachother)

Below my score it offered a 'report card', which I took a look at.

I was pleasantly surprised that it contained quite a number of enquiries (legitimate) as I had the expectation that experian, like DnB, contained next to zilch.

Stuff it had on me:
CC enquiries from Westpac, Citi, Amex
HL enquiries : from westpac, hsbc
Utilities : telstra

Stuff it has missed (which are on my veda file)
CC enquiies from ANZ
Utilities : AGL
Commercial Enquiries : Bankwest, macquarie leasing, wright express.

While they don't have more data than veda, they do hold more than I had expected; and considering that it's free it may be worth a look for those that don't want to subscribe to veda.
It's clear that they operate on a different business model from veda, as they seem to advertise products to you.

I would still continue to subscribe to veda, simply because it's more complete; but it's good to see alternatives lifting their game.


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Mar 26, 2014
I'm a little confused by experian, also noticed that they were missing some items that other agencies included. I put it down to them being newer.

Missing compared to others: ANZ, Telstra, commercial amex


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Feb 21, 2006
I'm a little confused by experian, also noticed that they were missing some items that other agencies included. I put it down to them being newer.

Missing compared to others: ANZ, Telstra, commercial amex
Ive contracted to a bureau in the past and worked in the credit decisioning space so can help clarify this. Veda are oldest and biggest, claim to have the vast majority of the market. D&B are old but a little more niche than Veda, its generally held their data is good (in fact maybe better than Veda) in Telco space and also commercial data is highly regarded.

This is a bit of a perpetuating cycle, i.e. if you have a new applicant and you think Veda has the best information you are more likely to do a credit check via Veda which in turn beefs up their information (as the application is bothe an enquiry and information in its own right).

The banks are very aware of this market dominance and would like to increase competition with a view to hopefully driving down prices.

Enter Experian, while new in OZ they are a VERY big player in this space globally, i.e. they have the systems and expertise. I know a number of very good people in the bureau space who were poached by Experian. Additionally the major banks are shareholders and are hence motivated for this to work.

Going forward I think we can expect that Experian, while it wont have all the info Veda does will have a significant portion of it, at least from the large players, their ability to get smaller credit providers on board largely depends on their ability to get that volume up in the first place.

Jeffrey O'Neill

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Aug 19, 2006
for a free service am happy with them.

mainly wanted it so I'd get notified if I was somehow being targeted for ID fraud.

they only seem to have credit card apps in my history. suppose for a lot of companies that's what they'r mainly worried about anyways.
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