Australia to Reduce Incoming Int. Passenger Capacity from July 2021


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May 9, 2009
Surely there would be a good business case there to open up regular London-Darwin direct services to begin with, given the demand? This would also drive up demand for ex Darwin domestic traffic.

Outbound traffic might be light but surely would represent better commercial sense with an almost 100% (?) load inbound, compared to now at <10%?

Given quarantine capacity of ~2,000, 2 weekly flights could easily work and I suspect the demand is there. Later another route could be added, say ex FRA, LAX, or SIN.

Later once the backlog and demand from Australians entering reduce, phase 1 border opening could then open up to all oz/non-oz passengers to Darwin first, with an effective 1,000 weekly cap.

Seems like a lost opportunity.


Junior Member
Aug 16, 2011
Have a good flight @map . When arriving into BNE I didn’t need my Australian declaration but did show my Qld declaration a couple of times, including the health screening just after I hopped off the flight And before immigration.

cheers skip
Thanks Skip. We transited through Changi airport without incident - although there was no time to rest. We were strictly shepherded from SQ317 to SQ245 and boarded after a short wait. Slightly longer flight time on the LHR-SIN leg and an already short transit at Changi (originally 2 hours, down to 1.5 hours) became shorter still.

After landing into BNE went through the several checkpoints and showed the required paperwork. @PineappleSkip you were right - most of the interest was around having completed our QLD declaration / arrival permit. QLD police very good throughout.

We were split into groups depending on which quarantine hotel we were being sent to. We were one of four families destined for the Mantra on Edward - scored an apartment with kitchen, laundry and balcony! Mantra staff very kind on arrival and made sure we had something to eat that evening (even though we only checked in around 9:45pm). Very happy and relieved to be back. The two weeks will pass easily here.
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