ANZ Platinum card- trying to understand Car rental insurance coverage


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Jan 12, 2012
Hi everyone, after much lurking here I finally have entered the CC game. I have an AMEX which is earning great velocity points but doesn't have car rental insurance coverage. I now also have the ANZ rewards velocity card that was advertised recently here as well as on point hacks. I am now about to book my first hire car since getting the card and am trying to understand the coverage provided.

I'm trying to figure out if I need to buy any insurance with the car rental company at all to be covered?
Has anyone made a claim on the ANZ card insurance for a rental car?

Any advice would be most welcome!

here's what it says in the PDS:

Cover is only available if your rental vehicle agreement specifies an amount that is payable in the event the rental vehicle is damaged or stolen while in your custody.
This section does not cover items such as, but not limited to, tyres and/or windscreens, roof and underbody if they are not covered by the indemnity provided by the rental company or agency under the rental vehicle agreement to which the amount payable applies.
If, during the period of cover available, a rental vehicle you have rented from a rental company or agency is:
  • involved in a motor vehicle accident while you are driving it; or
  • damaged or stolen while in your custody,
    then we will pay you the lesser of:
  • property damage for which you are liable; or
  • the amount specified that you must pay under your rental vehicle agreement; or
  • the limit shown in Part C - Benefit Limits.


  • anz-platinum-and-black-complimentary-insurance-booklet.pdf
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Although I no longer have an ANZ card I have had them previously, and relied only on their insurance... sometimes.
The wording seems clear to me, they will not fully cover a car, just cover and excess. So eg in the usa where there may be no included insurance, you'll have to take out some. And even where a rental policy does have included insurance (ie there's an excess) but excludes particular events or items ("such as but not limited to" as specified), anz also excludes those.
However I've never had to make a claim/put it to the test.
Rental cars in AUS come with insurance included, and that insurance has an excess. You can pay to reduce the excess.

As @Brissy1 said, if you're in a country where insurance is not included then you'll need to take out a policy.

You must book and pay for the car, or presumably the insurance policy, using your ANZ card, to be covered for the excess reduction up to $5,000. Some car companies have an excess above that so you're liable for the difference. It means you don't need to buy any extra insurance to reduce the LDW level cover to zero (or LDW minus $5k), which makes it a good card to have for domestic car rental.
excellent thank you both for your responses, I appreciate your shared knowledge immensely. I am currently looking at car hire within Oz and was hoping this card means I don't have to buy additional insurance with the car company on top of the hire fee, that seems to make sense, thankyou both!
Does this policy cover Carshare like Goget ? Nothing about carshare is mentioned in PDS
"rental car agreement"

If the insurer has any definitions to read in that section, look them up.

The insurer cant mention every car rental company. I would expect that it comes down to whether you are renting a car or not. How the rental provider sources the car should be irrelevant.

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