Amex Card Insurance - Ticketing Failure


Jul 12, 2010
Long story short. Last year in September I book a Qantas OneWorld round the world flight. Taxes paid on my Amex card which I believe will entitle me to cover under the Qantas American Express Ultimate Card insurance offered by Chubb

The situation is that earlier in the year Qantas canceled the first leg of my flight and rebooked me on another airline which is fine. Now the issue is that they didn’t ticket the award seat correctly and now all the award seats are gone. They are trying to release seats and convert them to award seats but with 2 weeks to go I don’t like my chances

I’m thinking I just buy business class seats for the missing leg and try claim on the policy but to be honest I have no idea if it’s covered

I also don’t want to spend the $6-13k to find out it’s not covered either

I have contacted Chubb but they cannot preempt a claim

Just wanted to know what the brains trust think