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    Drat - looks like QF have pulled the A380 from SYD-HKG before Christmas

    I had a booking on SYD-HKG on 11 Dec in F. It's just changed to a 747 so no F. (It's part of MELxSYDxHKG-TPE-HKGxSYD-BNE-MEL.) It was in part booked as a status run so changing voluntarily to the 787 MEL-HKG is annoying. Plus I booked at the Premium Companion rate so there wouldn't even be any...
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    SMS Login Verification - Argh

    Well, this has annoyed me mightily for a different reason to most. Let me explain. I'm partially deaf and can't understand voices over phones. For this reason I never give out my mobile number, because I don't want to risk someone attempting a voice call with something moderately important...
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    Details sent to someone else.

    Exactly this happened to me as well. My booking was a paid J booking HKG-SYD and I had selected seats 1A and 2A for My Falconea and myself on the A380. I lost those seats and was very unimpressed. Qantas refused to reinstate them (and didn't provide a proper explanation and kept saying that it...
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    Quick question - when does the F check in at MEL open in the morning?

    Catching QF29 (departing 11:25) on Tuesday, and I am still QF Plat (alas, Mr Falconea has dropped back to Gold) and want to make the most of the FLounge. What time can we check in? Have in the past been caught by the F check in not being open. Mr Falconea called QF and they were unable to...
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    QF J not bookable online domestically, classic awards viewable in Y

    Re: Classic awards showing without the need to check box? Oh, good, it's not just me. Absolutely bonkers! If J costs only a little more than Y then I'll book J. Got to book a flight to CBR on a Monday morning late in September and I know loads will heavy and that Y won't be much cheaper than...
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    Amusing QF baggage policy in SMH

    I booked a trip MEL-BNE in J a while ago. Got confused as to what the baggage allowance was at the time, went and checked it today and found that it's been clarified, and we get no extra allowance for being SGs! Colour me peeved. We're taking a full marine biology lab along - a large Pelican...
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    Is FF-ing affecting your health ?

    Mr Falconea and I have been losing weight after his health scare earlier this year. The basic rule to remember is calories in < calories out. We just eat a little less, I've substituted fat free milk for full fat in cooking (but not for drinking!) and we've significantly cranked up our...
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    AFF Gathers: In Melbourne!! [1-3 August 2008]

    Mr Falconea and I will join you for Saturday lunch and dinner. Audrey
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    AFF Gathers: In Melbourne!! [1-3 August 2008]

    Is there any information on what the set menu is for Saturday dinner? Audrey
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    AFF Gathers: In Melbourne!! [1-3 August 2008]

    Any plans yet for the cruise? Mr Falconea and I might be interested in attending. Audrey (who doesn't have time to read AFF and well as FT!)