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Recent content by durham70

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    Anyone having problems with the NEW seat selection?

    Is anyone else still finding seat selection still completely broken / is there any workaround ? Trying to select seats for some international flights i've just booked - goes all the way through, says it is going to invoice me $0 but then the selections don't stick (and the $0 invoice doesn't...
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    Emirates Sydney F Check in times ?

    Yep, i won't be doing last flight of the day for exactly that reason !
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    Emirates Sydney F Check in times ?

    Thanks all. Not a Friday flight so looks like i'm stuck between hand luggage only and sitting around for a while.........
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    Emirates Sydney F Check in times ?

    Hi I'm flying from SYD to MAN via DXB on Emirates in F in May, with a 2110 depature out of Sydney. I'm flying on another carrier (Fly Pelican) into Sydney on the same day, and none of the flight times align very well with a 2110 depature.... My options are arriving in Sydney at 12 noon or...
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    2400 status credits - which reward to choose?

    I hit 2400 sc on the last day of my year (30 Sept). :) I understand I therefore have 1 month to select my 'reward' Do I need to call QF and tell them I want 50,000 points or will they contact me ?? (wife already gold, not interested in transfers as I live an hour + from the airport)...
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    Lounge Wi-fi, gone?

    Re: No free net in BNE QP via WiFi Same here today in Sydney business lounge Connecting to the telstra point as normal gives a "give us your money" screen NextGen checkin was also a farce - as a WP it look 3 times longer than it used to, my new card wouldn't work with the bag drop and...
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    First post - n00b question - maximise status credits to SEA

    thanks also came up with an alternative - booking seems to be possible via (but not .....)
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    First post - n00b question - maximise status credits to SEA

    Ok - someone help me here..... Trying to purchase sfo - lax - sea for next June shows the flights I want but I can't pay because I don't have a us credit card Australian website only shows direct sfo - sea flights or very expensive 2 stop flights Any ideas ??????? Thanks David
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    Points and SC's on Alaska Air?

    thanks david
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    Points and SC's on Alaska Air?

    Hi looking at flying LAX - ANC via SEA on Alaska - it isn't a QF codeshare flight and i can't find anything on the QF website as to whether it would earn points / SC's - does anyone know? (i've seen on here that you can redeem points on Alaska but QF website doesn't have much at all about...
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    Status credits / upgrade

    great - thanks as long as i don't lose the original sc's i'll upgrade :)
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    Status credits / upgrade

    Hi Hopefully a simple question for the experts... I have a work trip booked to Perth from Canberra flying economy. Thinking about using points to upgrade to business but i need to try to keep as many status credits as possible in quest for platinum. If i use points to upgrade from...
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    Which gadget to buy

    play station portable (PSP) video and mp3's
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    Qantas Food

    I recently flew LHR - SYD via Singapore on Qantas Twice on the flight they ran out of meal selections at exactly my row (50 in economy). Food was very average, video games didn't work for the first half of the flight, flight was 2hrs late - crew promised connections would be held - they...
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    Online FF seat availability (economy - qantas & others)

    Hi How can i tell what class i need to check for economy seat availability on frequent flier tickets? Airlines i want to check are QF, BA and AA i'm trying to plan a rtw and before calling qantas i'm trying to check availability Cheers David