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Recent content by dk4

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    New 100 Year anniversary Q Tags

    Here's what I found in my drawer... The "original RFID launch" platinum packaging and tag colour, together with the end of line former non-smart bag tags on the sides. Then a sample of the additional four different platinum styles/colours I seem to have collected, collated together underneath...
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    Aeroplane Seat Belts

    With advances in seat design, and designers' armed with better technology to understand likely passenger head, neck and body impacts during abnormal events, there seem to be two schools of though emerging on better seat belt safety design. Specifically; the seat belt airbag, or the three point...
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    Perth Airport. T2 Check-in for T1 Domestic

    That walk up the airside ramp connecting the two terminals is a long one, and I find it a particularly unpleasant gradient. Not sure who is responsible for turning the air-con on within it, but I hope they found the on switch now!
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    Travelling with Qantas on Christmas eve.

    But equally, if I were a staff member at an airline right now, I would want to be seen as going "above & beyond" to make my services invaluable to the company, and ensure whatever meagre number of customers the business has at the moment, were fully satisfied - all with the aim of hoping to...
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    Another Brush with Broome - from BNE to BME

    You travel all the way to the other side of the country to find places to take pictures of sunrises :oops: over water! 🤣 (Were you feeling home sick?! haha)
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    Taiwan applies for USA Pre Clearance.

    Interesting move. A spot inside Taipei's airport, teaming with US Homeland security & CBP type officers, which the USA considers domestic US soil.
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    Qantas Domestic & International Business Class meals/menus

    source - AirlineMeals.net - Airline catering * the world's largest website about airline catering, inflight meals and special meals Third world airline economy class meal... Note to Qantas: just pulling it out of the foil packaging and putting it in a plastic bowl doesn't make it business class!
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    Update on VA Lounges? [BNE/SYD/MEL/PER/OOL now open ADL/CBR later]

    But over all, I am sure QF's CL strategy netts them significantly more than it costs... and we all end up paying higher airfares because of it!
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    Rex to fly between Australian capital cities

    Putting a REX among the pigeons...
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    No More Spirits (in J) Masquerading as COVID?

    The spirits dried up at the beginning of the Covid collapse, and since then shifts for cabin crew have been few and far between. However I suspect the former situation rather than the latter, anecdotally I have been trying two methods to test for bar changes. 1) ask directly for a scotch, result...
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    Qantas Domestic & International Business Class meals/menus

    I am wondering, compared to the sourdough, if they are; cheaper lighter (less weigh onboard) don't require butter to be supplied with them (cheaper+) create an aroma in the cabin as they heat up prior to service, like what might come from a restaurant kitchen, which adds to the sensory theatre...
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    Qantas Domestic & International Business Class meals/menus

    And here is how the same meal is presented on standard range flights. No butter, no crackers or cheese, no sliced sourdough... And an insufficient bar service. Qantas needs to bring back its full beverage range, including spirits. I think it is a disgrace to have the same bar service in J as...
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    First experience in QF J lounge with no service desk

    If you read the USA based FF forums, there is a general consistency in the #1 rating of why people buy airline lounge memberships; it's not the booze, it's not the privacy, it's not the seats & space... (although these all rank highly)... The most important aspect of the lounges, according to...
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    Virgin Business Class late 2020

    It was branded differently, but the flavour was the same... and yes, once it hit the taste buds, it really did bring back memories of what was, but is no more. Mangan was soooo much better than that QF bloke's (inflight domestic J) stuff. I think the wholemeal seed crackers were a smaller...
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    Virgin Business Class late 2020

    I also await with anticipation what Rex will offer, given how far VA3.0 has dismantled itself, and wants to appeal to 6 year old girls, I hold little hope for its future, and advise others to jump ship NOW while they can! VA J business class (not a QF Y hot-box, or QFlink box!) This is...