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    Different fare classes onthe same booking?

    I am not sure, but maybe a travel agent or the Velocity customer service team can book muliple fare classes. It maybe worth a phone call.
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    The Qantas call centre now has a different menu

    Visiting my son in Melbourne at the moment and he was just telling me of his drama with booking a flight to New Zealand using a previous flight credit. He waited 6 hours and still couldn't get through (he has no status) to book his flight so his partner rang the QANTAS Chinese (international)...
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    Viewing boarding pass

    Worked for us on Monday.... (not that that helps)
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    The new Virgin lounge in Adelaide [opened 23 Feb 2021]

    Visted the new lounge on Monday with my wife. Staff were very good, although I noticed a couple of times they incorrectly delivered to the wrong tables however they did deleiver to us correctly and promptly. They also cleared the used plates/glasses promptly as well. I had a gin and tonic which...
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    Yoooo Hoooo (maybe?) -- Virgin Platinum for another year!

    My daughter got her new card in the mail the other day, so I guess that means they are mailing out new cards. Bolt
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    New Virgin Website

    Virgin Australia have changed the layout of their website. In particular the way you book flights has changed and the layout/theme seems to match the Velocity website. I knew they had plans to merge both the websites into one and it appears that they have either done that of at least started the...
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    Flight is gone from "my bookings"

    Yep, I cut and pasted it so obviously my editing skills are cough.... 1800 137 294. Thanks for pointing it out.:rolleyes:
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    Flight is gone from "my bookings"

    I would definately get on to them. Yesterday I called the the1800 137 29 (edit.... should be 1800 137 294) number and within a minute I was through to an Australian call centre and she fixed my flight without any issues.
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    VA COVID Service

    1. Normal snacks and water in 'Y' - Although water is in plastic glass not sealed container. 'J' service not sure but did notice snacks and alcohol served. No purchased food or beverages available. 2. Inflight Ent. is normal 3. Onboard wifi I think is still available but never used it so not...
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    Should I cancel now or wait?

    Let's hope so... considering they owe me approx. $9K on airfares and about 300K in points I am certianly hoping for that.
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    Should I cancel now or wait?

    However, considering the latest news I think all promises are out the window. Time will tell. We are using the conditional credits as best we can however considering our two main ports of call are QLD and SA our options are narrow.
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    No Flights from Canberra?

    Just be mindful.... we just flew SYD-OOL to visit my ailing father in NSW (20km's south of the border) We had all the documentation that was required based on the QLD website but we nearly were turned around at OOL by the QLD police as we had no proof that my father was not well. (They don't...
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    Virgin Australia bookings going forward.

    My wife and were only yesterday talking about this. Currently we have about $2k in the travel bank together and 4 x tickets (future dates) June and September to Europe and North America. (approx. $5K in value) We tried to transfer European tickets to the travel bank however as we know they are...
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    The "I am in self-isolation" thread

    Yep, that's the cruise. You are right in the 28th being the final clearance date. However I said the 29th as it is a Sunday. My wife disagrees with the fact that it should start from Noumea. She believes it should start from the time we get home. Despite the cruise line saying there were no...
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    The "I am in self-isolation" thread

    Arrived back home last night 11:00pm from cruise in the South Pacific. Cupboard is bare and our daughter won't come near us as she is expecting 1st c hild in less than 1 month. We were instructed to home isolate 14 days from our last port (and only port) Noumea. (2 x ports were cancelled because...