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    Should I stay or should I go - Hong Kong [protests]

    Hi there JB, as stated by another member you'll have no problems at all with your way of checking in and travelling. You'll possess your boarding pass before you get to the terminal which is the main sticking point at the moment. Happy travels :)
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    Should I stay or should I go - Hong Kong [protests]

    We are in HKG airport at the moment. Airport express running at 20m intervals from Hong Kong station to the airport and in town check in closes 120m prior to departure. They're operating trains going back to the city at 10m intervals. We have been traveling around the island of Hong Kong and...
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    Should I stay or should I go - Hong Kong [protests]

    Qantas' flights 30, 98 and 128 from HKG have now departed. QF118 is the last one scheduled for the evening and is scheduled to depart around now. Would be interested to know how many people weren't able to make their flights due to closure of check ins. On a side note, happy to hear that...
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    Should I stay or should I go - Hong Kong [protests]

    My partner and I are scheduled to fly to HKG with QF this coming Friday on our way to Europe. We'll depart there on Sunday heading for Europe with CX. We're not too concerned. The reports at the moment are that the majority of protesters are clearing out of the airport and heading back to the...
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    QF to fly BENDIGO to SYD!

    Also to add to the discussion about public transport travel in Victoria mobile myki goes live on Thursday. More information can be found here: Mobile myki If you are travelling as a family however (Adults and children), please be aware that V/Line has a Family Traveller fare which can save you...
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    QF to fly BENDIGO to SYD!

    As another Bendigonian I look forward to the new service being operated from the end of the week! I honestly never thought I would have the chance to fly from my home town to Sydney so this is a very welcome experience to enjoy. I honestly had never contemplated going to the smaller destinations...
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    Reduction of CX award flights to the US

    Next to no availability for anything above economy from what I've spotted to any European destination with CX. Hoping they change it back to what it was. If they've devalued the points of their Asia Miles then surely they could justify asking for more points for the premium seats instead of...
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    QF announce non-stop Perth-London B787 Services

    Does anybody know if there is much award J availability on QF9/10 Going forward? I'm guessing they need to sell as many seats as possible to cover costs so probably why I only see economy availability. I'm only a silver tier FF though.
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    Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options

    Is that even possible? Sorry for the ignorance.
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    Hello AFF

    Thanks everybody for the warm welcome! :) Will definitely consider the social events int he future too :)
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    Double Status Credits (book by 5/2/18, fly 12/2/18 to 20/1/19)

    So I've seen some people say they're going to use their $450 travel credit from their Amex cards. These obviously have to be booked through Amex Travel so you can get the credit. If you book during the promo period and have registered for DSC's I'm guessing you will get a PNR that will make you...
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    Hello AFF

    Hi there everybody, I've made a few posts on here but I don't think I've made an introduction post. My partner and myself mostly fly for leisure. Neither of us have any aspect of travel (by air at least) as a requirement of our jobs so flying is mainly for leisure and holidays. We're both...
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    Targeted Extra 50% SC Offers

    It must be tracking what you are searching for. Anybody else notice when they go to the QF website now it comes up with recent searches? I'd love to go back to the UK so my targeted e-mail stated "Fly to London. get 50% more status credits".
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    Chasing the Qantas 787

    Interesting with this one is that the icon beneath the flight says A330 but when you click on it, it says 787. Another Qantas site bug?
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    Help! I have over 2 million Qantas Points I can never seem to use!

    We looked at redeeming points to Europe for July 2018 late last year and the points that were required for EK flights were reasonable, the taxes however were through the roof! Definitely couldn't justify it. There's been an increase in classic rewards seats available via the website? Is that...