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    Kiwi Car Hire

    DriveNZ Auckland Rental Cars / Christchurch Rental Cars For great prices without the need for corporate discounts, check out DriveNZ - Auckland Rental Cars, Christchurch Rental Cars. DriveNZ is in the second tier of rental car companies, and has some well groomed cars for hire. For the...
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    New Design

    Hi Serfty I now have a new avatar :D . I copied your avatar, and resaved it in my graphics package. Now it works fine. Please find the file attached And yes, I will delete it from my avatar once you have added it to yous. I wouldn't be so mean ;)
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    New Design

    I will update all members to the Aussy time zone, then people can change to their personal time zone. The old time zones were part of the forum import. New users default to Aussy time zones.
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    New Design

    Glad you like it. See if you can notice the other new things that we will be adding over the next hours. Lots of things that will enhance the site specifically for the search engines, but also for users.