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    Amex "I'm going to cancel my card" - bonus points given thread.

    30K offered to retain my Explorer. I cancelled.
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    Nice beers i have had recently - Trappist, lagers, Ales et al.

    @tgh careful it is a slippery slope down the home brew rabbit hole. I now have 11 homebrew taps at home.
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    Amex Explorer - 240,000 bonus point

    It really is a no brainer. While I admit while travel was off the cards it was harder to use the travel credit but now it is probably the best value for money card going in my opinion. If you get in quick you should also be able to take advantage of the Krisflyer 15% bonus offer...
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    No First Class Saver Availability from SYD? (Advantage available)

    I booked 2 savers in F on the 777 SIN FRA for September 2022 today.
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    Perth Hotels

    It does for beer, soft drinks and some snacks. Wine and spirits still had a charge attached from memory.
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    Perth Hotels

    We did a staycation at the Como Treasury Building back in August. It has the best hard and soft product of hotels that we have stayed at in Perth (admittedly we haven't stayed at crown Towers or the Ritz) though views are not really a feature. There is no lounge but the food and beverage...
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    The view from my "office"

    If my memory serves me correctly the pub in the right of frame is the Grehound where I lived and worked in 2006.
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    Hilton Parmelia Perth Reopening Delayed until February 2021

    The Doubletree Waterfront is built but isn't opened yet, so DT Northbridge is it for PER at the moment. I don't want to get into any pro/anti border closure arguments here as it isn't the place. This however feels like a 'walk' without any real attempt at service recovery or compensation. I...
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    Hilton Parmelia Perth Reopening Delayed until February 2021

    I have just had an email from the Group Reservations manager to say that they will not be reopening until February 2021 after initially planning to open in November 2020. They have offered to move our November reservation to the Doubletree in Northbridge but this is not suitable for us for this...
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    New Amex statement credits

    On my Explorer. Redeemed for a staycation at the Como Perth along with my travel credit given the Parmelia Hilton is not opening again until February.
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    Best Airbus A380 memories (so far)

    We are lucky enough that we have only ever flown in the F cabins of A380s which has meant we have had some fantastic memories (and all thanks to FF points). First trip was 2016 EY AUH-LHR which was absolutely mindblowing, Seeing the giant bird as we were boarding was almost surreal. I don't...
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    How do Hilton treat you as an Elite?

    Things are moving back to normal but not quite there yet, the hotel was much busier but that may just be because it was a weekend. Top floors are open again and we were upgraded to a Panoramic View Executive Room (no lounge though so it is basically a high floor corner room). The pool and gym...
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    How do Hilton treat you as an Elite?

    Doubletree Perth Northbridge Had a one night stay last night due to a late finish/early start for work. Sale rate was base King room for $100 with early checkin/late check out included (which we didn't use). We were upgraded to a 'Panaramic View' room in the corner away from the lifts as per...
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    Whisky Club Referral.

    We have on average bought something every second month with some double ups. Though there are optional extras that change each month they can be significantly more then the $175 starting point (sometimes less though these are more often bottles left over from previous normal monthly offers)...
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    A380 landed in Perth today - No F awards

    I have my piece of 9V-SKA. Definitely sad to see them scrapped but happy that I have a small piece of one.