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Recent content by Shano

  1. Shano

    SYD Flounge with kids

    Have taken our kids into both the MEL and SYD Flounges and they did not count as guests. In MEL, it was a morning flight, so all they ate was toast SYD was an early afternoon flight and they both enjoyed the burgers and fries. The QF guesting policy is much more generous than many airlines...
  2. Shano

    Virgin Lounge Food

    Same in BNE - surprisingly tender
  3. Shano

    Can't upgrade or waitlist MEL-LST-MEL flights

    Did MEL-LST-MEL today. Definitely selling J, but with 1 seat from 16 actually filled will be interesting how long this continues. Plenty of shadows in YX too :)
  4. Shano

    Economy X [Domestic free for Platinum] - May 2017

    We book through Serko (corporate Traveller) and I'm having trouble getting the Serko portal make YX seats stick during the booking process. Just went into Velocity MMB and was able to select YX seats - it actually shows up as $0 payable (due to WP status). Lets see if they are retained.....
  5. Shano

    Sitting at 1575 SC, can I gift Gold Membership?

    Just remember that with family pooling, the family member you are pooling to also needs to fly the minimum number of required flights to obtain any status benefits. If pool to them 1,000 SC, but they haven't flown 8 segments, then they won't get any status.
  6. Shano

    Brisbane - Sofitel or Pullman

    I like the M Gallery (New Inchcolm) but admittedly doesn't have an exec lounge and doesn't do a comprehensive buffet breakfast - continental buffet breakfast or a la carte for hot food. Platinum recognition has always been consistently good and F&B for dinner is excellent. It is a relatively...
  7. Shano

    How does Accor treat you as an Elite guest?

    Stayed there last week for the first time and my experience mirrors yours. I was upgraded from a superior queen to executive suite, multiple bottles of water, bottle of wine. Much better service than the Mercure King George's Square.
  8. Shano

    HHonours Status Match

    Applied for SM on the 29/6 using newly acquired Accor plat- notification came through overnight of successful upgrade to diamond Had dropped down to HH silver so nice to have the diamond card again.
  9. Shano

    Whoops... what did you forget you had?

    Leatherman. My wife had put it in my backpack over the weekend without me knowing. Too late to check said backpack in at the airport or organise to send the Leatherman home, so in the bin it went.....
  10. Shano

    HHonours Status Match

    I'm one stay away from Accor Plat - will need to send off a SM request to HH to have my HH Silver bumped back to Diamond
  11. Shano

    Different Treatment as an Upgrade Customer

    I only have ever managed to use the comp upgrades at the lounge and < 2 hours before departure. Each time I have been told catering not assuered. On board the cabin crew have politely informed me that because I have upgraded that they will try and offer me my choice of meal, but only after...
  12. Shano

    Hotels with the best gym/fitness centre

    Somewhere I frequent...... Rooty Hill NOVOTEL gives free access to the one55 gym at the RSL complex as well as access to the SGAC. Perfect setup to offset staying in the western suburbs.....
  13. Shano

    Access to QF First Class Checkin

    Good to know. My experiences were a few years ago
  14. Shano

    Access to QF First Class Checkin

    Travelling HLO I did use the MEL F checkin to get my BP for MEL-SYD-LAX. Asked nicely at the desk if they could issue my BP's, which they kindly did as well as giving me an express card. Have also used the standard domestic J counters at MEL in the past for an international transfer and was...
  15. Shano

    Someone's in my seat

    Have given up my seat a couple if times: First time many years ago sans status, on a CX flight to HKG. I was in about row 198 (i exaggerate but it was way down the back of a 744 where there are only two seats on the side) on the aisle. A party of two were split between aisle and window across...