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Recent content by redbatz

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    Unable to link Qantas lounge pass

    Thats what my expiry says. I will have to check into that when I get back. Thanks 1597223001 Or mayb e they had already been extended and now due to run out again. As havent been flying , not really checked on all that.
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    Unable to link Qantas lounge pass

    Thanks for your response. As it happens my points upgrade came throught today so all good, except my lounge pass expires in Sep - and the next one in Nov so guess wont get to use them.
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    Unable to link Qantas lounge pass

    oops I meant 4.25 pm
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    Unable to link Qantas lounge pass

    yes - my flight is .25 pm tomorrow so still under 24 hours
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    Unable to link Qantas lounge pass

    Hi, I am travelling Adel/Bris tomorrow. Weeks ago I requested a business upgrade with points. But as I havent heard I decided to link a lounge pass anyway - as the next one expires on Sep 4 I figure I have nothing to lose. However when I tried to to this my flight does not show on the lounge...
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    10,000 QFF points for spending $500 on AMEX Ultimate - Targeted

    I didnt get it unfortunately - not a big enough spender or something I guess
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    Bye bye eBay

    I didnt get the ebay plus offer - prob dont spend enough, so they dont care
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    Long wait for refund for cancelled reward flights Qantas - a common experience?

    I just cancelled a domestic fllight this mornng as my flight was changed but in any case cant leave sa or enter qld for a while anyway. Called qantas so I would not get the cancellation points penalty for this. Big should out to Jamie from the call centre who was very friendly and helpful.
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    QANTAS takes A380s out of circulation [and reduces flights]

    Thanks for your replies. Not looking forward to trying to ring Qantas to find out more. Also I booked it on a sale fare so thats not going to help I guess
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    QANTAS takes A380s out of circulation [and reduces flights]

    Ive just checked my booking again. Im flying to Haneda in May and bought premium economy and also requested a points upgrade to business. Had already chosen my pe seat, just in case, now I see they have moved me back to a shitty seat in economy , not even an exit or front row! Whats the go as I...
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    Discontinuance of The Places app

    Thanks. Yes I knew but it seemed I got a few badges a few years back and after travelling to some different countries thought I might have qualified for some more. . Oh well not likely to get anymore now. I guess they dont like giving out too many points
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    Discontinuance of The Places app

    I have not received any points from places for nearly 2 years, yet I have checked in numerous occasions in several countries. Tried to ask them about it but cant get a straight answer or none at all, And at times I have asked reception at hotel when checking out to make sure Im registered etc -...
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    1k QFF for spending $30 at Terry White Chemists

    Did all this around August last year , never received points that I could tell
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    Answered Question please. Can I book an award flight for someone else with my points?

    No I havent made the booking yet, so no need to change names so thats all good. Thanks, I was aware could transfer points, but as suggested, I dont think he has a ff account and not experienced in making bookings so I will have a go tomorrow. Thanks again.