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    Book airbnb via Qantas site not working?

    Still seems to be the same today...
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    What's the Highest QFF Points Balance You've Seen?

    It's the 9,000 plus status credits that caught my eye....
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    Qantas's longest-ever commercial flight bringing stranded Australians home from Buenos Aires

    Here you are;
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    New Schedule Changes QF2 /QF11/12 for QFi Restart

    Looking at flights in March and including a LHR-SIN leg. Qantas are only offering EK metal at the moment via DXB, would prefer a direct flight...
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    Two QF A380s to be scrapped

    Well looks like someone is off to Abu Dhabi for a a bit of attention...
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    Qantas A380 refurbishment news and updates.

    Any value will be in it being a Qantas A380.. It has already been shown that there is not even a significant spare parts value for these frames with multiple already cut up for keyrings, whilst 747s just sit around in boneyards. I assume to help keep the huge number of 747F's flying for the...
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    Qantas to permanently close QF HKG lounge

    Unlike the rest of you I have very happy memories of this little lounge... :) When we flew on vacation to the UK with the babies, we usually went out via HKG and back via SIN. The QF lounge was the first place my nearly 11 year old son ate a banana as he was born during that time of crazy...
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    Two QF A380s to be scrapped

    Lets hope an update is in the plan too. Last time I flew one of those old A332s from SIN to MEL the tiny low res IFE screen just did my head in..
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    Two QF A380s to be scrapped

    And another one on her way to Dresden...
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    New 100 Year anniversary Q Tags

    Thanks for that @sudoer :-)
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    New 100 Year anniversary Q Tags

    Are you all using the generic Frequent Flyer email address, or is there some secret one?
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    Two QF A380s to be scrapped

    Looks like she is on her way to Abu Dhabi... LAX must have been for some prep work...
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    Dual Canadian/Australian Citizen

    With my UK AUS dual nationality, the instructions were surmised as; Must leave and arrive back in AUS on AUS passport. Must arrive and leave UK on UK passport. In between is either, just needed to try to remember to arrive and leave a country on the same passport... So when I go via Singapore...
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    Qantas' first international flight in months has taken off

    Looks like it just passed a Jetstar flight JQ 204 going the other way from AKL to SYD...
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    Predictions of when international flights may resume/bans lifted

    I am assuming that Sir Alan paid though the nose for a 1st class ticket, and therefore bought his way onto the flight rather than bumping off others because he was more important.. It was just that he was willing to pay what it cost to get on that plane... The issue is with the other states...