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    AFF'rs come and go

    Heya guys! I've been silent for a while but still pop in. Major factor was a change of job which meant I went from flying a couple of times a month to a few times a year. Frankly, it's a relief! I'm still interested though, which is while I still lurk from time to time. And have also made some...
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    KUL to BNE flight diverted to DPS for Australian passenger in labour

    Oh, that's very sad. Any link to news article available?
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    JQ DPS-BNE flight in measles scare

    I work in a hospital, and measles scares are becoming more and more common due to 'alternative' parents who don't 'believe' in vaccinations. It's so frustrating. Whether or not one believes in vaccinations is beside the point.. the diseases we vaccinate for are real, and in many cases making a...
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    KUL to BNE flight diverted to DPS for Australian passenger in labour

    Not many details here, I wonder how far along she was. MH's policy says preggos are allowed to travel up until the 35th week of pregnancy. I find that astonishing! It's surprising in a way that this sort of thing doesn't happen more often...
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    No lounge access for OW Sapphires in HEL while renovations are on?

    Hmmm Priority Pass eh. Haha I'm such an amateur, hadn't heard of that before. Seems quite reasonable. Sounds like a good plan though, deejo77.
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    No lounge access for OW Sapphires in HEL while renovations are on?

    Don't know if this warrants a new thread, or if it should go elsewhere.. in any case... thought I would mention that while AY lounge renos are going on, only OW Emeralds and those flying J / F will be admitted into the Aspire Lounge. As a Sapphire (QF SG) I was told by Finnair staff yesterday I...
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    Lounge Meets August 2014

    Whoops! Thanks Samh004 =)
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    Lounge Meets August 2014

    14/08/2014 22:00 - 23:20 PER QF Int Business Lounge 15/08/2014 08:00 - 09:00 HKG CX The Wing 15/08/2014 15:30 - 19:00 HEL AY Lounge.. depending on renos.. 31/08/2014 14:00 - 15:00 MXP Whatever lounge AY uses.. some rando lounge from memory 31/08/2014 22:00 - 23:25 HEL AY Lounge.. depending on...
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    The Ebola Virus

    Just saw this article about risk of catching ebola on a plane.. less than influenza.. but still another reason for good hand hygiene. CNN Article: What is the risk of catching ebola on a plane? Call me anal, but the first thing I do when sitting down on a plane is sanitise my arm rests and tray...
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    Cardiologists could put themselves out of business

    It's not worth it! Tried it for a year... give me a hot beef injection any day! :D
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    9 Hours in Helsinki

    Great thread, I'm doing this myself in late Aug! Sauna, oh baby! :rolleyes: Reindeer eh? Sounds festive.
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    Melatonin Recommendations

    hahaha really? Wow.. consider me placeboed!
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    Melatonin Recommendations

    I use these Bioglan tablets, bought over the counter in Aus - only for jetlag. A friend was also told to take these (same brand) for insomnia (delayed sleep patterns) by a psychiatrist, so they must do something. Though perhaps the psych was banking on the placebo effect. :rolleyes: Either way...
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    Malaysian Airlines MH17 Crashes in Ukraine

    Pardon my ignorance, but what is the fuel capacity on these 777s? Does diverting around the Ukraine make a huge difference on fuel? Does the KUL - AMS route consume close to the aircraft's capacity? If we are talking risk assesments, considering other risks (eg. how much contingency fuel the...
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    When to ring Qantas?

    Thanks guys, that sort of stuff is really helpful to know! I too hate using the phone (too much time spent on the phone at work as it is), so I want to know that when I do, it will be worthwhile!