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    QF Gold & Plat Lounge Access Offer

    There seems to be a variety of entry rules. Last week I went to the SYD lounge after flying on QF. I was declined entry as I did not have a boarding pass. Tonight I was declined entry to MEL as I was not flying DJ. They laughed when I repeated the experiences reported above, and said it was...
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    New Domestic Business Lounge Open Dates

    Monday morning the lounge in Sydney is completely full. No PCs are available and there are only 2 unoccupied clusters of seats. Not a single newspaper. The wireless coverage problem seems to have been remedied, as my phone can now connect to the portal but could not last week. QP by contrast is...
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    New Domestic Business Lounge Open Dates

    Apart from the area around the food counters it is fully carpeted. It is considerably less crowded than the main lounge (Monday morning peak) and does not seem unduly noisy. Plenty of seating and PCs. It is larger than (and therefore not as intimate as) the CL but generally comparable.
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    [name] [number] post (No) Prize up for grabs

    Dave, thanks for starting this thread. I find your posts valuable, and improve the signal-to-noise ratio of this forum. Many fora do not reveal post counts to discourage the type of threads that we seem to get here. MD
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    It will be of no consolation to your friend, but it is equally difficult for foreigners with convictions to enter Australia. Strange really, seeing that it used to be a prerequisite. MD
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    This web page will help Note in particular the comments about age (although it sounds as though your friend's son won't qualify here). My advice would be to involve a US immigration lawyer at an early stage. Although it will cost $$$$...
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    Article: Tattooed mum 'belittled' by Jetstar

    No, actually what I said was Now I have not seen the tattoo, only a small part of it. What I did see was no more offensive than anything that you can see on tv in the middle of the day. What remains may or may not be offensive. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I assume that you also...
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    Article: Tattooed mum 'belittled' by Jetstar

    This is very ironical. Jetstar has humiliated this woman because the crew were offended by the image (tattoo) on her back, or because the crew determined that passengers might be offended. Several posters here have supported Jetstar in this action, presumably because they too thought the image...
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    Free upgrades?

    I spent 5 hours there last week, and had more guests than I could admit to the lounge. That guy has got a really irritating voice, and it is still resonating in my head. Thanks for reminding me :) MD
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    OW Lounge in LIS (Lisbon, Portugal) ?

    The trip to Porto is worthwhile, and I would recommend a daytrip on the Duoro river (usually train and ferry), which flows through the city. A visit to the port warehouses is an easy walk from the city centre. I took the train from Lisbon to Porto - the countryside is similar to rural...
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    Status points

    On rare occasions another FF's activity has been recorded in my account. There may be a similar explanation for you daughter's points. MD
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    Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!

    Christmas Day and that week in Vail, CO, New Years Eve in New York then flying to London JFK-EO-STN for a few days. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year MD
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    Article: Jetstar plane makes emergency landing

    I think that you will find that it is a consequence of "market segmentation" (a passenger is reported to have brought a canister of butane aboard). "l'enfer c'est les autres." Sartre
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    'Bi-polar' threat man shot dead

    How did you reach this conclusion? There seem to be relatively few facts released at this stage.
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    Qantas to reduce agent base commissions

    That 5% was $750 for my TA a few weeks ago - not bad for 15 minutes work. And yes, I know he has overheads, but so do I.