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Recent content by LadyC

  1. LadyC

    Marriott - buy points with a 50% bonus offer

    I think Marriott are just republicising the same offer.
  2. LadyC

    The way out of lockdowns etc in Australia

    I work in a large office building in Melbourne CBD and we also would have had significant lift issues if the Sae Work Australia guidelines weren't updated. Luckily, they won't be rushing everyone back into the office quickly. That suits me as I would be quite happy to work from home permanently!
  3. LadyC

    Marriott - buy points with a 50% bonus offer

    I still haven't decided yet. I'm more worried there will be a significant increase on points required for redemptions making using the points effectively a lot harder.
  4. LadyC

    Marriott - buy points with a 50% bonus offer

    I would consider what hotels you are interested in and what time of year, then test whether cash or points is better. Factor in that you may not be able to use them for 12 months. It's a mixed bag. For me, paying cash is usually cheaper than buying points. But others on this forum have...
  5. LadyC

    20% off Marriott gift cards

    I was considering it but a bit nervous about the FX risk if not using in the USA.
  6. LadyC

    What did you buy thats not living its best life right now?

    But what if my item is living a good life at the moment? I've bought a mid layer jacket for my ski trip at the end of the year to the USA and Canada (unlikely to go ahead). Hopefully I will get to use it at Falls Creek in a few months. I bought it from Sweden and it is having a great holiday! So...
  7. LadyC

    AFF Member Stock Discussion

    I have an investment in a US ETF (IVV).
  8. LadyC

    How well do you know your airline livery?

    9 out of 15. Fair to middling. A fun little quiz!
  9. LadyC

    SQ Tips, Trips and Tales

    MasterC likes the little lego-esque plane and check in counter you can buy at the KrisShop. Seems like we might be buying them when we are next onboard.
  10. LadyC

    Predictions of when International Flights resume/Bans Lifted

    I heard there is current expectation that international travel will not really kick off until the northern hemisphere spring/summer 2021.
  11. LadyC

    What aspect of travel do you miss the most?

    I miss that little feeling of excitement when I arrive at the airport knowing I am heading off to a new location.
  12. LadyC

    An Ill wind and your travel budget

    Yes it was. It happened to perfectly align with our trip booked for next year to come home from YVR. It means a few days in DPS rather than straight back to MEL but that's okay with me. Just waiting to see if it holds. It's been a while since I have been able to utilise an offer like this.
  13. LadyC

    Konnichiwa Japan - My very first trip to the land of rising run

    I think we also went there when we were at Arashiyama. A little by accident as we just picked a restaurant that looked big (well not small). It was nice enough but woudn't go back. We went in April and our experience was much like yours, it was super busy. So riding a bike was a great way to...
  14. LadyC

    An Ill wind and your travel budget

    Although not planned in our budget, I managed to book a very competitive fare out of YVR to DPS yesterday for January 2021. Clever or foolish - time will tell. If we get to use it, the refund of Qantas points for the award tickets back to Melbourne will balance the budget.
  15. LadyC

    An Ill wind and your travel budget

    My travel budget is usually aligned, at least in part, to my bonus. Which will be non-existent this year as advised by management. Boo. Luckily I am still gainfully employed so can still dream and put together various itineraries for future holidays I may or may not go on :D