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    The BER debacle continues

    Although if there is one positive from this, it is much more likely they will keep TXL open permanently. I'd be sad to see it close and many cities manage well with the old airport remaining for regional flights. It's a good airport, just far too many passengers and no development with its...
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    OpenFlights time calculator broken?

    You can manually adjust the arrival time, it is only an estimate based on distance. Definitely looks like a summer time thing, although in the current openflights database CNS and BNE are both registered under the same "Australia/Brisbane" timezone. I can't replicate it on openflights, it comes...
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    A gap in my education here. How do I do this?

    I feel like I've done the Kangaroo route about 50 times in the past few years and nearly a different way each time. Did the CAI option recently. It's from around $1500 in J and $2500 in F to MEL. You can get QF or EK codes and can free stop in SIN/BKK if you like. There are plenty of cheap award...
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    Searching for QF Classic Rwards

    In addition to KVS, expertflyer is another paid service, although neither are probably needed for this specific situation. Since any MEL-FCO flight will involve a connection you be much better searching for MEL-HKG/DOH/DXB and HKG/DOH/DXB separately, changes of finding flights this way are much...
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    Jetstar NZ now with min 400 QFF points

    Yeah about 7 years too late. They closed the Qantas Clubs in AKL/WLG/CHC domestic terminals back in Dec 2009. Until that point it had been access as usual after QF NZ routes were converted to JQ. They were decent sized lounges, with as few customers as Pacific Blue planes at the time!
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    50% more status credits - offer valid for bookings made in next 7 days

    th Effectively yes. Just keep in mind the applicable flight dates. It's a good time with the Amex rebates, I've already used up one for a friend but have another to use. I just received a similar SC offer for any QF flight. I never fly QF these days (barely living in AU) and just scrape the 4...
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    Qatar Airways set to up the ante on Emirates and Etihad in Australia

    One word: finally. Can only hope the loads become impressive enough to warrant the A380 to either/both AU ports. Flew them AMS-MEL a few weeks ago (787 & 77W), J seats in 777 are good and I slept very well but of course their newest 1-2-1 layout (788/359) is what everyone now wants. Honestly...
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    MH Perth and Singapore lounges to close

    Totally makes sense, it is in a different terminal after all. In most airports I visit at least one alliance member will use a generic lounge. Here it's completely that way, everyone (AY/QR/MH) uses the lounge adjacent to the BA lounge. Anyway, maybe MH will now be less constrained and possibly...
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    Anyway to manage Expedia booked Malaysian Air/Bangkok Air codeshare flight?

    Have you tried to the site? It often pulls up otherwise unresponsive bookings although unsure if you can select seats on it, I may have once or maybe mobile check-in IIRC. It sounds like a traditional case of codeshares though: limited options, no benefits and generally a PITA. At...
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    Asia to Europe

    QR definitely would be best if you can snag them. UL still had similar fares ex-BKK, unless that has changed too. Cathay still have some fares going from the sub-continent you can break up well with stops. Really depends where in Asia you're going.. or just trying to get back to Aus? Also...
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    Anyway to manage Expedia booked Malaysian Air/Bangkok Air codeshare flight?

    Are you sure it is a MH booking number? It should be 5 characters long. Bangkok Airways use Sabre. Since you used a TA you should probably try to organise seating through Expedia first, but honestly if you're on a codeshare and booked through a OTA you're probably SOL.
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    Upgrading one leg of a flight with BA

    If the flight is ticketed SYD-LHR then it might be hard to upgrade on a single sector alone. As the site says at this stage you have to speak with your TA or BA if booked direct and ask the cost of changing the fare. Alternatively you could aim for paying for an upgrade at the point of...
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    ADL to BOS in Oct 2015. Best way to do it? (160k amex points, 60k velocity)

    Nothing in business but premium Y on the 12th HKG-BOS and BOS-HKG on the 21st is available. I suppose if the alternative is paying for Y, it would still be a big step up.
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    RTW usin Qantas FF Points in J Class

    And to add to what Matt said, I'd focus on searching for the 'major' flights first e.g. you'll be able to fly to Chile from Sydney or Auckland, getting to either of them from Melbourne isn't a problem so search for the 'hard to get' major flights first. You'll probably want to sign up for...
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    ADL to BOS in Oct 2015. Best way to do it? (160k amex points, 60k velocity)

    It's never too late unless the plane has left. What immediate comes to mind is Cathay Pacific (Asia Miles) have flights to BOS, so you could do one stop via Hong Kong which would be very nice. The other advantage with CX you'll pay probably $300 ish in taxes/fuel on the award.. QF, SQ et al...