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Recent content by BiziBB

  1. BiziBB

    Wotif $20 voucher offer Sunday paper Sun Herald

    Thanks, maggies1! I just filled in the form from the Wot about a $20 voucher on us? link and the SYD code was successful.
  2. BiziBB

    Viva Macau suspends SYD services, add extra MEL flight

    That press release link is dated 13 January and was publicised on etravelblackboard.com.au, a popular travel indistry news source, on Jan 19. How do I know? I remember seeing it there and blogged it, too: Macau-Sydney suspended until December; Macau-Melbourne flights increase to 3x/wk The sale...
  3. BiziBB

    Up in the Air.. AFF Gathering??

    OK I recall the discussion of that one. Did Hilton offer a few of their favourite Diamonds a similar screening in Sydney? I've not seen anything written on pre-release screenings here. :( How about local AA elites, did you score an invite?
  4. BiziBB

    Up in the Air.. AFF Gathering??

    Has anyone set up a preview or a release gathering for this yet? I recall the official release date advertised is Jan 14; so far, I've only found this preview screening for Melbourne identities: Triple R preview, Cinema Novo, Carlton (according to that page, ticket giveaway was this morning...
  5. BiziBB

    Hilton Lake Taupo (opening November, 2009)

    Thanks for the additional info. We drove past this hotel (hard to miss), at the final turn to/from the lake, on the highway south. Plenty of signage advertising it is a Hilton. However, there are plenty of new or very nice looking accommodations directly on the lake side or on the opposite...
  6. BiziBB

    Jetstar's Domestic Sale(s)

    8AM-10AM $19 sale, too. MEL-SYD. Good luck!
  7. BiziBB

    AFF Gathering #3 - Poll - Where should it be

    5w337t! Good for me too as I've booked a party of four to CNS once again, the weekend after. So count me (plus mascot) in. :D :D
  8. BiziBB

    June 2009

    Fri 19 Jun SYD-MEL DJ 842 13:15-14:45 N/A Sun 21 Jun MEL-SYD DJ 813 07:15-08:40 N/A (too :oops:arly!) Jersey Vics may be on this flight, too. Want to share a cab into Swine City? :shock:
  9. BiziBB

    AFF Gathering #3 - Poll - Where should it be

    Since my last lounge gathering with most of you was the BNE AGM, I've voted Sydney. Brisbane isn't possible for me because of family commitments and being a local tour guide for these visitors. I hope I can get to this event, but haven't locked down our commitments for these weekends yet.
  10. BiziBB

    Fly Viva Macau Happy Hour

    Hi quackster, welcome to AFF! As you seem to be very new to this forum and to looking at fare deals, please take this in the friendliest way: No, and you have bumped up a thread that is around 15mths old (such a bump of an old thread is generally frowned upon). You should visit the website...
  11. BiziBB

    The 10,000+ Posts Club

    Re: Congratulations Serfty on 10,000 posts on AFF Thumbs up to a gentleman of AFF, thanks for all of the help you've given and time and keystokes to make AFF such a helpful place. :mrgreen: Cheers, serfty! :mrgreen:
  12. BiziBB

    Cairns Temp Qp

    Don't forget the Qantas sale SYD-CNS John, $149 each way, outside holidays.:lol:
  13. BiziBB

    May 2009

    Date Time Loc'n Lounge Flight Guest ============================================= 21/05 01:00 SYD - - JQ 952 0 24/05 10:50 CNS - - JQ 955 0 (Best to check these FT Itins for friendlier times!)
  14. BiziBB

    SYD Airport Hotel

    I will try to avoid JetStar special offers, whose cancelled flights turn a 3.20PM flight into an overnight connection + 7AM departure, in future. JQ, QF and DJ all have moved/cancelled/changed a lot of flights, but obviously, JQ has the lowest frequency and lowest level of...
  15. BiziBB

    Restaurants - 3 points per A$1

    I knew it wouldn't take long to pick up James' poor choice of card promo... but he's quite an operator with women. :D