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    How to contact Qantas Club at Brisbane International?

    FWIW, I am going there on Sunday morning this weekend. if you want, I can ask them if your item was left there and then leave a message here.
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    Flight Availability/Loadings & Upgrade Probability Help Desk

    can someone have a look at QF62 NRT to BNE on the 4th of Feb in J class please.
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    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    How long do they expect the Taal volcano activity to last and the knock on to flight paths? I notice the east coast to Tokyo services today are flying to the west of the volcano, adding a bit of time to the flights.
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    Don't have One Too Many or Admit being Drunk...

    Sat down on a red eye 737 service PER to BNE in the 2nd over wing exit row. Cabin crew member went through the briefing and asked us all for a verbal confirmation we were happy to help. Guy in the row in front had fallen asleep through the briefing, member had woken him up, he fell asleep again...
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    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    QF61 was delayed out of BNE yesterday and then QF62 was delayed from NRT ... any idea on why?
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    Problem with Qantas booking engine?

    Thread Bump. anyone else having issues with the qantas booking engine on their site? it just won't show up the fields etc
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    2 different PNR's/Booking Ref Numbers (SW & EK). Hoping to get bags checked through ...

    I have an Air Namibia (SW) flight on one booking reference number. This is lined up with an EK booking so I can fly from WDH to BNE. I've been told by the agent that made the booking that EK won't deal with 'smaller' airlines in terms of putting it all on the one reference number. my hope...
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    Window shades

    whatever people want it fine by me ... up or down ... The one thing that gets me laughing is when they're all down, its dark and then someone flips one up ... it's like a tractor beam from the death star I have been on QF63 a number of times and the crew let us know when we were far enough...
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    Aircraft cameras - as in views from outside - who has them?

    I just flew Emirates this past weekend and their a380s have them. the 'nose' camera (or the one in that area) was cool once we started the descent. also, your thread reminded me of a flight I took to Pittsburgh years ago where I could listen to the pilots talking to ATC through the in arm...
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    Tanami Road

    Tanami Road is awesome. I was fortunate enough to be working on a pipeline job that went most of the way from just north of Alice at the junction. that's the best way to see it, get paid, be accommodated, provided a vehicle etc etc. lol like others have said, pick the time of year - there's...
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    Emirates taking liberties with medical assistance?

    lol this is just like the episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm in the last season where Larry's Dr mate didn't put his hand up when Larry was travelling with him ... then when they were both playing golf together and had a wager on the game with each other, his Dr mate happily took an emergency call...
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    QFF WP flying J on Emirates BNE - CPT. Is there any tie up still with QF?

    ok, just incase people are interested, I had 'Emirates First Class Lounge' printed on the boarding pass for DXB - JNB I was issued when I checked in for the flights in BNE. Got off in DXB in Concourse A (maybe gate A1 or A2), walked down the escalator, through security, back upstairs to the...
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    QFF WP flying J on Emirates BNE - CPT. Is there any tie up still with QF?

    yeah thanks, that's exactly what i meant. I will try and gain entry there for sure. lay over is about 5 hrs. I can't imagine I would be on a J class ticket with them and not be able to access their main premium lounge. Flight to JNB is on an EK a380, so it should all be the same terminal I...
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    QFF WP flying J on Emirates BNE - CPT. Is there any tie up still with QF?

    ok, thanks for replies. I'm a little confused reading the above. for BNE - DXB - JNB I am on an Emirates ticket and in Business Class all the way. I would have thought that gets me into the more fancy lounge Dubai when I arrive. it's the same on the way back from JNB - DXB - BNE ...