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    How do you manage kids on planes?

    On the topic of headphones.... Inflight headsets provided don't work for kids under 7. Get a set of "ear clip" headphones - they just hang on top of the childs ear without anything over the top of their little heads. Here's a pic of the ones we got for Miss 18months. She's now 5 and has...
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    Changi T2 Security Check

    About 1.5 years ago I was on a SQ flight from SYD when this screening occurred. So I think there must be some level of intelligence applied and not just the country of origin.
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    Shortest Time From Buying Ticket To Boarding Plane

    My best was traveling in a taxi from downtown Manila headed to the airport to catch a flight to ICN to pickup a nearby replacement. ETix bought on phone to Asiana call centre during the taxi ride @ 1hr 40 prior to departure.
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    40000 points for Ultimate Card

    It's fee free for the 1st year and yes it comes with a free flight each year (including the 1st year - without a fee paid).
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    2 months and still no reply.....Goodbye QF hello AA

    Agree, don't leave it to chance, take it into your hands.
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    Post-paid GSM SIM in San Francisco

    Check out vRoam Global. It's a SIM card rental service for the countries being visited with billing either postpaid or prepaid. It has a "follow me" (number forwarding) feature which keeps you reachable on your AU number but with much lower costs since your not roaming but forwarding calls.
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    APEC Business Travel Card - Express Immigration Clearance

    Same goes for our US guys :(
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    J to US

    Get the US agent to quote on it - can't hurt. Sometimes it works out and other times not. I find it's a function of their business, market and consolidators interest in the business at the time. Example, even for Sydney/Melbourne travel I get better prices (sometimes) out of our US HQ TA...
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    Currency Exchange Options

    Pop the loose unconvertible change into a "Change for Good" envelope. Charity providers still have mechanisms to exchange these useless notes/coins into useful tender. That way someone gets a little good instead of clogging up your draw.
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    BP Mastercard

    Aint worth the pen or keyboard stokes to do the application form. 5% up to $300 is a joke - especially considering the inflated value of goods found in service stations.
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    Currency Exchange Options

    You need a pretty big variance in the rates to make much of a difference. I suspect we are not talking about large sums of money. That's why I won't pay a FX fee - they should make their money on the rate differences between buy/sell.
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    Currency Exchange Options

    Don't exchange them when back in Australia. I find changing in Singapore (even at the airport) a much better deal compared to the coughpy rate + FX fee charged in so many AU outlets. I have found some little private cash changes around Chinatown in Sydney offering reasonable rates but without...
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    United seeks open skies over Pacific

    Actually, VS is more than just a partner of SQ, SQ owns 49% of Virgin Atlantic. Longer term, Branson buys back more of Virgin Blue, strikes another deal with SQ - easy access for SQ to carry pax over pacific via another brand!!
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    747 v 737/767 (in J)

    Don't get too excited about the 747-300. It's really mutton dressed up as lamb. Each time I've been in J on this bird I've copped a lapful of water from the dripping condenser in the air conditioning equipment.
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    QuickCheck? Not!

    QuickCheck - it's a marketing term to give the feeling of quick. How to convince the customer it's faster and make the customer do most of the work!