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MU's MEL-PVG flights operated by Shanghai Airlines?

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Jul 15, 2008
Does anyone know why MU's MEL-PVG (MU737/738) service is operated by FM (Shanghai Airlines)? Ever since the introduction of 767 services a few years back now, the flights have been continuously been operated by FM aircraft; although the onboard product is the same, I believe the FA's wear FM uniform. Is it simply down to cost since FM might be cheaper to operate?

MU's 2nd service, MU739/740 is however operated by mainline MU with MU aircraft and MU FA's.

If anyone has any info, it would be interesting to know! Cheers!

Boris spatsky

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Oct 8, 2010
Shanghai is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Eastern - who knows why they fly one a day, but not that dissimilar to QF and JQ to HNL each day (other than the uniform issue ).


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Jun 15, 2009
Flew with China Eastern in J, in the early days to and out of MEL, and it was Shanghai Airlines. It was quite an experience, old plane, no VOD, ask for wine got a bottle of warm white, asked for red instead and got a bottle of Cote De Rhone 1995, FA spilt a glass of Coke on a passengers brand new laptop, laptop no work no more, flight cabin door left open for most of the flight stood and watch the crew fly the plane (very interesting), one FA spoke no english at all, all in all a very memorable journey.
We now have soft spot for CE, and have used them since then, and they were a more professional. Pity really!!
Oct 31, 2010
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I've flown MU MEL-PVG/PEK ret 3 times now and would readily fly them again - J that is - never Y. Early days ret flts were $2.2K - bargain considering non stop - no it's not Suites but it was acceptable. I think about $3K about tops it out $ wise - but each to their own.

Originally MU's MEL-PVG service was on wet leased Shanghai Airlines metal - I think last time I was on M's own 332 which was brand new and quite a good experience - I did post a TR about it.

As Dale posted soft product is interesting - but the crew's hell bent desire to serve and assist is really fabulous. As I said - I would readily fly them again if price suited me. Just checked pricing on a MEL-PVG trip I already have booked for May 5-11 - CX J to / SQ F fro - MU J on same dates showing $3.2K - if I was not awash with pts that price looks pretty good to me for direct flts.
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