Korean Air Skypass for BNE To LHR & Diners

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Oct 2, 2005
A few points about my experiences with Korean Air FF program.
Inklo program allows joining miles of family members-This I regard as a huge Bonus.
Morning calm FF status readilly achievable. 30,000 miles in 2 years-(BNE-LHR return is 20,000 miles).
Also if you travel enough the FF program upgrades baggage allowance to 30Kg and gives Business Lounge vouchers.
FF seats always seem readily available and are in a top priority standby classification as I found out on a prior trip where my wife on a Korean FF ticket readilly rescheduled a flight but I on a discount paid ticket had to wait until 20 minutes before doors close to get the last economy seat.
Also I have noticed Korean Air is fairly relaxed about a few extra KG of baggage for both hand carry and cargo hold.
(Having been stung by Lufthansa out of St Petersberg for abt A$1000 for excess for the same "over weight" that included weighing my hand carry as part of the 20Kg allowance. All of which was carried no charge elsewhere on a ROW Star Alliance ticket. )
Hence I'm now a HATE Lufthansa person and make it a priority to check Airline baggage policies.
"Diners" points can be used to top up miles at a 50% rate.

As a retired RAAF engineering officer I always look at the aircraft internal condition and on time performance as an indicator of the Maintenance mindset. Having travelled with Phillipines Air , Continental and a few others best not named I would rate Korean Air very highly.

Brisbane & LHR departure/arrival times are all convenient for connections which are matters I always consider as a high priority

Korean Air Plus's in summary:-
Free Top Quality O/Night stop at Incheon BNE-LHR My value A$350.I rate this a major +.
FF program Famly plan for miles & Diners partner make one FF ticket BNE-LHR return easilly attainable every third trip to UK.Also a Major +
Morning calm members get 4x KAL lounge pass ,extra 10Kg & priority checkin & boarding. A BIG +
Well maintained aircraft & good on time performance.
Depart & arrive times BNE & LHR convenient for my usual travel .
Relatively short BNE to LHR door to door times.

Korean Air Draw backs.
Diners points at 50%. Residents in the USA get a better rate.
Only 1 western meal choice . The alternate Korean rice dish is quite enjoyable but beware of the HOT-HOT chile paste provided.
Recent substantial increases in points to achieve a BNE-LHR return ticket in line with rest of SKYPASS system. now 110,000 points off peak
Discount economy only yields 70% miles to FF program
Ken Curry
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