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    Paid for seats a joke!

    So got to airport early, the legend Steve behind the counter sorted it all out and we sat in row 23 (exit row) instead of the originally booked 10 (no one with a baby in originally booked seats so that wasn't the reason for the error). There were 5 of us and the sixth seat was free so plenty of...
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    Paid for seats a joke!

    VA would be usual choice but had so many QFF points that I wanted to use. I'll survive row 46, one would have thought that having paid for an "up front" seat they could have got us a little close than 46! A couple of vino's and a valium should do the trick!
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    Paid for seats a joke!

    Lesson learnt
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    Paid for seats a joke!

    Yes 5 seats in row 10. Thanks I will get there early and see what happens. So annoying used QFF points and paid for the seats, am Plat with Virgin and had I known this would happen I would have paid instead to fly VA and had row 3.
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    Paid for seats a joke!

    Just checking in for my flight today paid for row 10, allocated row 46! Called Jetstar noone can help. Any ideas??
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    Best deal on Premium Economy to LAX

    Just remember only VA flights count as a sector flown for requal.
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    Automatic upgrades on VA

    Into my forth year as plat, upgraded once however was told that catering more than likely would not be available (it was). That was a couple of years ago now.
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    Staying in Brisbane, cheaper to train or drive to Dreamworld?

    The majority of CBD hotels do charge parking. I live in Brisbane and love it but as a tourist I would most definitely spend the extra $$ and stay on the Gold Coast, especially that time of year it will be uncomfortably hot up here. Try wotif/last minute etc you can usually always find a pretty...
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    Falling out of love?

    Sat next to VIP SYD/BNE the other day now they really get looked after!
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    In Flight Meals - Do you eat them?

    Short haul rarely eat no matter what class, unless it is lunch/dinner time and will not get an opportunity to eat elsewhere. Long haul generally will eat unless it is after 10ish then it will be one of those fabulous sleeping tablets from Mexico or Thailand! Can you imagine "Upper Class" not...
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    Falling out of love?

    Today I am in love, 3 flights next week and comp upgrades used for all flights !
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    Gold flyer downgraded seating

    I have no doubt when I fly with my 2 children in row 3 people would think we are NB's but are actually all platinum. When travelling with my also platinum husband we usually board as one of the last and do not use the priority line as he prefers it this way. More often than not we check in...
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    Lesson Learned The Hard Way

    Ring the plat line you never know they may be able to do something!
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    So no Reward seats = no upgrade availability - flights to/from LAX?

    Have you rung the plat line? I always find it amazing what can be done over the phone (if you get the right person) that cannot be done online. I have been able to book 4 J reward flights Easter for the last 3 years, not had so much luck upgrading with points though, good luck!
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    Booking O/N domestic "stopover" before international flight - same itinerary?

    Usually with connecting flights you do have a choice of options regarding what time you leave, I don't doubt it is easy but as notzac I would ring as think doing online would be in the way too hard basket!