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    Qantas FF announcement 20 June - "biggest overhaul" in program history

    I thought the fees and charges co-pay portion of QF metal classic reward redemptions had been decreased, effective immediately? i have a screenshotted search of SYD-CTS return in J from approx 1 month ago and again today for travel march 2020, and the co-payment is the same??? Approx AUD511...
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    Unable to link General Lounge Pass to QF9 PER-LHR

    Hoping anyone has any experience or can advise why I am unable to link a general complimentary lounge pass to any QF lounge in PER T3 or T4 prior to QF 9 PER-LHR (cash fare in Y). Ticket originates in PER. I have multiple general lounge passes available and within expiry date, but when I click...
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    How can I get QFF to correct PER-DOH miles for classic awards?

    I'm quite keen to take advantage of J and F classic awards which seem readily available on the QR Airbus 380 from Perth to Doha. However, the points on QF website suggest the sector is classified as zone 7 (50,000 in Y, 92,000 in J, 134,000 in F). This sector is 5,789 nautical miles here...
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    Was the Distance between BKK & KUL being Deliberately misstated by QFF? [Now Fixed by QFF]

    An alternate route where there is inconsistency at QFF is PER-DOH on QR (Not so much shortchanging as the SC earning is fixed for this route, rather than mileage based). My concern is regarding the redemption rates. The QF calculartor states PER-DOH is 5802 miles which puts it 2 miles into...
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    Double Status Credits on QF Operated Flights. Book 9/8/18-14/8/18 for travel 21/8/18 to 8/8/19

    I haven't received an email, and not sure if this is targeted offer, but potentially another DSC offer coming this week? Book August 9-14, for travel August 21, 2018 to August 8, 2019... Here is the link=:) Frequent Flyer - Member Specials - Double Points offer
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    JQ starter plus SC's not counting towards loyalty bonus anymore :(

    The recent IT upgrades at QF - while not perfect- seems to have corrected the issue I mentioned in this thread. All my families' accounts now count JQ/3K-earned SC's towards the loyalty bonus count on rhe website. Hurrah!
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    JQ starter plus SC's not counting towards loyalty bonus anymore :(

    Pleased to hear it, and thanks for posting an image! Of course, it would be even better if they fixed the website calculator, but that is probably expecting to much. As an aside, once you select an option (50SC's or 8000 points, how long til they post to your account). ie: could the decision...
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    Double Status Credits (book by 5/2/18, fly 12/2/18 to 20/1/19)

    Sadly QF IT systems don't apply their own terms, as status credits earned on JQ or 3K are not counting towards the loyalty bonus, as seen when logging in to QFF. When it will be fixed, nobody knows...
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    ANZ QFF Black 75,000 bonus with no annual fee 1st year -only $2500 spend 1st 3 months

    Am I correct in saying the 75 status credit bonus on the ANZ QF Black card is no more? Just 75000k points. Can't see it on the website anymore. I was waiting out my 12 month exclusion period to reapply and seems i have missed out :(. Any other cards that earn QF status credits?
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    JQ starter plus SC's not counting towards loyalty bonus anymore :(

    Another example is my Dad who only flies JQ starter plus fares between MCY and MEL. He is currently Gold QF status. His current year shows on his QFF account he has earned 340 SC's (all on JQ) Yet his account also shows this: Your next Loyalty Bonus is at 500 Status Credits You haven’t earned...
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    JQ starter plus SC's not counting towards loyalty bonus anymore :(

    Hi i've mentioned this in the QF forums, but maybe this is a better place to post. Ever since the recent QF website upgrades of 2017, status credits earned on JQ fares are not counting towards the 500 SC loyalty bonus. This issue has affected all members of my family who have earned JQ starter...
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    Question about Qantas loyalty bonus....

    Is that all they wrote fred? What a woefully inadequate respons from QF. There is an error since the new qf site update- and it only counts QF operated flights towards the loyalty bonus. JQ/3K SC's are not counting, despite the t&c's saying they should. I have the same issue across 4 family...
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    New changes to QF FF account page

    I am pleased the LT SC's tally has been fixed well done. When do you expect they will correct the "JQ flights with starter bundles not accruing towards loyalty bonus" issue? Circa 2023?
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    New changes to QF FF account page

    My SC's required to obtain next loyalty bonus appears incorrect. Does anyone else have this? In my case, it only has QF flights included in the countdown to 500, and not JQ (with plus bundles added which have posted with regular SC's). My understanding is the terms and conditions of the...
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    Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options

    Re: Best Status Run Options - A quick overview! [not the discussion thread] Yvr-phx-las-lax-clt-mco-mia-sjo/sjo-mia-bos-dfw-yvr is 740 sc. AUD 894. Just an example. Requires overnight in BOS. there are probably marginally better runs out there using yvr and sjo as start and turnaround ports...