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    Award BNE-HKG J class?

    Hi all, Full time reader, very much part time poster here. After a couple of years flying QF, points slowly going up, my better half and I are trying to find seats in J class BNE-HKG for Nov 2008. I am QF gold, looking on the QF FF site it is a sad story. I have even tried 2009, with limited...
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    *class points on QF domestic

    Hi all, Well at long last I am happy to report all points and SC posted as I hoped they would on my trip to coughet. BNE-SYD * class 1250 points 40 SC 1250 points SYD-HKT * class 6767 points 120 SC 25% points extra for Silver FF HKT-SYD * class 6767 points 120 SC 25% points extra for Silver...
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    *class points on QF domestic

    Hi all, Just a quick update re my little MR to BNE-SYD-HKT rtn in * class. I will post more details if any are interested. The first flt BNE-SYD was from Int.Term. thus I was on JQ-18. Very light load only aprox.10 people in * class only juice or water offered pre take off. No food once in...
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    *class points on QF domestic

    Hi all, Well, my bags are packed for my flts BNE-SYD-HKT rtn in *class on Friday 18th May. I will report if my little MR made the 300 + ponts or not in about 10 days. If all goes to plan it could be the start of great things for fellow frequent flers who chase, SC and QF points. Thks all...
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    J class seat - QF42 CGK-BNE

    Hi, I did this same route last year in Aug via SYD, very light load in Y had a row to my self. Good service both ways. If you upgarde try for 1A-5A as you have no one next to you in the 767-300 int. config. CGK trafic to/from the airport can be crazy at times!!! Be carefull. Cheers, Tony
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    *class points on QF domestic

    Hi all, I have tried checkmytrip to see what class on my Jetstar flt BNE_SYD_HKT rtn in Star Class might be , no joy as it must be in the Jetstar res system only. I rang Jetstar today to confirm that I will be in the Y cabin on the QF BNE-SYD-BNE legs but earn points and Statis credits at the...
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    *class points on QF domestic

    Hi all, I am flying BNE-SYD-HKT rtn on Friday 18 May in * class to make it up to gold from sliver. I will report in about 2 weeks if I was in QF J/Y on the flts BNE/SYD/BNE. Should be interesting. I need the 320 statis credits to make it to gold by the end of the Mth. If it all works out OK I...
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    Just fantastic

    Hi all, My wife and I were out at Longreach last week-end to look over the 747-200 and the Qantas Founders museum. The 707 will be in LRE for easter only. It will be in LRE for good in a few Mths after that. Work is in progres to have it on display next to the 747. The tour of the 747 is well...
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    New fee free QANTAS Prem Amex offer by March 22

    Thanks for the link Sea Wolf, Where did it come from? After going though the Amex and QF sites I can't find it? I missed out last time on this offer and would like to apply for the card. 17,000 points is great, however I am most concerned that it takes me to a site for my personal details...
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    Reply to compaints - your experience?

    Hi all, About 3 years ago I was on a work trip to Nth QLD . I had to be back for my wife's 40th birthday by the Thur. Some how all my work bagage was lost for a day by QF. This then caused me to have to stay an extra day away. My wife was VERY upset on this news. Not only was I in Nth QLD...
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    Earliest Frequent Flyer?

    When I joined in 93 to the Qantas FF the cost was $20 my number is 180***. However I know some numbers are not issued in order.e.g. old FF numbers are re used if they are void. I have a good friend who joined in 1995( two years after me) via his business and his number is only 50***. He is not a...
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    Booking accommodation with FlyBuys and Accor Advantage Plus

    Hi all, Just used my Accor card for the first time in CBR for an over night weekend with my wife. The Olims was $135 with breakfast for a loft bed room. Good value for just a quick trip week end to get away from BNE with no kids. My question is to those who know more than I is, If I use...
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    QFF programme changes - AGAIN! Can't be good news?

    Qantas Changes to FF As an old FF in my number 10x,xx_ I too have seen many so called enhancements in the programme. Long ago, I was able to fly J around Au for only 37,500 points. Yes, I did it twice. NAN in J for I think it was 40,000 points. BNE-NOU only 20,000 points each with two seats on...
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    Jet Star BNE-CNS

    :) Tried out Jet Star for the first time for an over nite trip BNE-CNS-BNE due to the cost of only $100 RTN, no points but an interesting trip. Chk in at BNE Qantas Club easy, if you are not a QP member the Que was L O N G at the Jet Star area. Just made it into the first 50 to chk in, so...
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    How do I become a CSO at Perth Intl?

    CSO work :D Wellcome Larry, I cannot help re PER but many years ago I broke into the closed shop via doing a TAFE Cert in travel in BNE and found a job as a CSO for AN. Back then the internation flts for check in were looked after out of BNE were about 50-50 for Qantas and Ansett. Eg AN did...