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    VA's COVID-19 Minimal Network Schedule

    Update: VA call centre confirmed that the direct flights were removed for other services (presumably the new routes announced this week) and no detail on whether they will restart.
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    VA's COVID-19 Minimal Network Schedule

    Direct flights Melbourne to Ballina for mid-Nov (after the time when both states will be over 80 per cent double vaccinated and therefore should be open) have disappeared, unfortunately. Not good for those of us wanting to getaway for a holiday as soon as possible!
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    Virgin thrown a lifeline for delayed launch of Tokyo-Haneda flights

    I suspect it's more wishful thinking than any informed analysis!
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    General VA Lounge Discussion (2021 onwards)

    Interesting that "operational requirements" are now also listed as a reason for closure. Gives VA more wriggle room to delay opening. Reckon they might try and hold off reopening Melbourne until the newly upgraded lounge is ready.
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    Possibility of aircraft change on a SYD-PER flight

    Why wasted? It's the same to upgrade regardless of the metal.
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    Current state of service/food in VA business

    That looks a good breakfast offering
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    Joining VA lounge

    Hi Nat, you could also try emailing Velocity Frequent Flyer to enquire about a status challenge (as opposed to a match). They'll ask for proof of status and history and then maybe set a challenge of flights or status credits in a certain time. Always worth a try. Otherwise, I'm sure there will...
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    Is it time for Virgin Australia to extend call centre hours?

    Am Gold and called last Friday morning at 11am to cancel a booking that I couldn't online (had paid for Economy X) and the call was answered immediately - was very, very (happily) suprised. But, yes, the hours still need to be extended especially as so many transactions can't be done online.
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    Flights are more expensive than ever

    True. There were a number of tickets to be released each month, so perhaps on 1 May more will be available, but certainly not TO Melbourne unless they change the guidelines
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    Flights are more expensive than ever

    Melbourne was never a half price destination
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    Discover Gold - Is it worth staying with Virgin now?

    Only you can answer that question for your own circumstances, but the list you've prepared is a good summary. Your final sentence probably nails the main difference (at least at present)... price.
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    Virgin Australia Business Class Catering - Service, Meal times, Menus

    Ouch. That's not good at all almost a month into the new service. 1618906570 Hopefully the extra items are also included on the long flights to and from Darwin
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    New Amex Shop Small program - earn 3 bonus points per $1 year-round

    Haven't changed my spend patterns and have already earnt an extra 4000 or so points this month for VFF. Pretty happy with this offer as will easily get to the 40,000 cap without any change in what I normally use the card for.
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    Triple Velocity Points on VA flights [now 'til Mar 2022, activate & book by 25 April]

    Thanks to current booking and fare policies, was able to cxl an existing J flight DRW-MEL via BNE for August, use the travel bank credit and one of the promo codes for an even cheaper Business Saver fare compared to when I originally booked a few weeks ago. Result will be an extra 7000 points...
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    Change of Flight and Meal removal

    The number of people here obsessed with their 50 cent snack is, frankly, astounding