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    Melbourne - London - Istanbul - Tehran - Shiraz - Melbourne

    Not sure how to delete this post but it's not needed - I've (after a lot of searching) come up with a winning combo! Hi all A rather complex flight here (I think) that I'm hoping somebody with some more skill in this matter can help me with. My wife and I have the following trip planned...
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    Virgin Australia - Promo Codes (ongoing)

    Can confirm JKW28 is still working. Just booked MEL-SYD-MEL, flying early November.
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    Lesson Learned The Hard Way

    I'll be doing that for sure.
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    Lesson Learned The Hard Way

    Unfortunately most of those were acquired right after renewal so will expire about a month too early.
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    Lesson Learned The Hard Way

    What's even more frustrating is that I'll get the required SC in the month following the review.
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    Lesson Learned The Hard Way

    So I've realised I'm probably going to miss my Platinum renewal SC target by 100 SC this year. Was planning to fly SIA from MEL - KIX however due to time of flights had to choose Jetstar instead (for almost the same price!). Not so worried due to the soft landing to gold and lack of any real...
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    Cathay Pacific / Virgin Relationship

    This would be brilliant. I'd certainly be making use of it.
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    MEL - KIX: Book via Virgin or Sinagpore Airlines

    Thanks guys. Good to know that if I book with VA I'll still get the bonus luggage. Will go with whoever is cheaper.
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    MEL - KIX: Book via Virgin or Sinagpore Airlines

    That's what I thought, and I know it's the case if I have a VA ticket codesharing on SQ, just not sure if it works if I have an SQ ticket.
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    MEL - KIX: Book via Virgin or Sinagpore Airlines

    Hi I'm planning on doing a return MEL - KIX - MEL trip later on this year and was wondering if I were to book via the Sinagpore Airlines website would I still get the additional baggage allowance and lounge access that I'd get if I booked through Virgin (I'm a Platinum FF)? I can't seem to...
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    Take a swipe at paper bills and earn 1,000 bonus Points

    Worth registering for the bonus points. I also had the issue where it wouldn't recognise my address, so I put in the closest address, validated it then quickly changed it to the correct address and submitted before it could rerun a validation check.
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    10% Bonus on CC Points Transfers + 10% Off Reward Seats

    Sweet. I've been waiting for this one for a while.
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    Acceptance In Japan

    We did encounter a few restaurants and bars that one would assume accepted credit cards that were cash only, including a Michelin starred restaurant but conversely a few of the market stalls and small "mom and pop" shops that we assumed would be cash only did accept credit cards. Didn't...
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    Acceptance In Japan

    I've just returned from 2 weeks in Japan and have to say that I was very impressed with the acceptance of AMEX over there (Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo). Before traveling I was told that credit card acceptance was quite low in Japan but to be honest I found it to be pretty much the same as in Australia...
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    VA changes SQ/MI earn tables

    I'm traveling MEL - PER - MEL - SIN - KIX - NRT - SIN - MEL this month, with the NRT - SIN - MEL leg in J and figuring out whether to book via VA or SQ and whether to put in my VA or KF frequent flyer details has been super confusing. Have just ended up doing the whole lot through Virgin but not...