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    Reduced AMEX earn rates from April 2019

    I was told that my balance as at 1am April 15 would be credited again by June 15. And that this did not apply to all accounts.
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    Reduced AMEX earn rates from April 2019

    MR. Listened to my balance then got a consultant. I was reasonable. But explained I understood they needed to change the earn rates “we’ve improved them!” “Yeah, but you’ve halved the redemption rates, so since no earn rates have more than doubled, none of your earn rates are improved. But...
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    Reduced AMEX earn rates from April 2019

    This is the approach to take when calling up to get a doubling.
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    Reduced AMEX earn rates from April 2019

    So, I called up. Stated my case. They’re now going to double my points as at the devaluation time.
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    Reduced AMEX earn rates from April 2019

    Just got my letter re Platinum Edge. To say I’m ropeable is an understatement. Everything has been reduced by 50-33% and they tried to dress it up as an “increase in earning rates” Now I have to cash out all my MR points by April and find an alternative when the entire reason I comittted to...
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    Platinum Punishment in LAX

    Quite liked the Emirates lounge, did miss the Star Alliance lounge a bit, but the buffet was great in the Emirates lounge. What was horrific was the T2 Delta lounge on my arrival/transfer. OMG. Was like eating out of a service station refrigerator.
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    How much noisier are the VA 777 J seats behind the bar?

    8A has a pretty good view of the bar and associated lighting through a crack in the blinds. The rest of the seats are fine. Volume is only an issue if there are lots of bar flies on the flight. I actually prefer the rear cabin as there are no where near as many people strolling about the cabin.
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    Unexpected Platinum Perk

    Well, I liked being invited to a recital in sydney recently. First in best dressed is how reward flights work too ;)
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    Bonus offers when converting other credit card points to Velocity.

    yes, this is correct. 1.5pt/$ effective rate consider paying your ato bills with the diamond Amex ;)
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    Moving Velocity Points to Krisflyer

    Correct me if I'm wrong but KF points expire right? so when you move KF points do they take the oldest first? if so, the best strategy is to leave them there until you need them either with KF or VA or until just before they expire?
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    Upgrade for SYD - LHR - SYD. Flexi to J

    I upgraded the syd-auh leg on a syd-auh-fra flight has to be va flight on va metal for va upgrade. Can be and in fact is done per leg
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    Well, that was interesting. ... [woman screaming on long haul flight]

    Re: Well, that was interesting... that was my first thought. she was in premium, myself in J apparently she hadn't been drinking, but she certainly sounded like it. she basically wanted to get out, then it turned to screaming about sexual harassment, to sobbing, to Tourette's, and then...
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    Well, that was interesting. ... [woman screaming on long haul flight]

    Just got off VA2, where a women seemed to suffer a mental break half way across the ocean. Hours of screaming and shouting eventually led to her detainment in cuffs, only after she landed in my lap! border protection, paramedics and police met us at the gates
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    MEL to JFK in J using Velocity points - possible?

    you can only do a va points upgrade on va metal, btw.