Trophies awarded to saddy

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    First Anniversary!

    Congratulations on being a member of AFF for 1 year!
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday from the team at AFF! Thank you for visiting us on your birthday.
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    First Reaction Received!

    Congratulations on receiving your first post reaction on AFF!
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    First Post Made!

    Congratulations on making your first post on AFF!
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    You can now start Conversations!

    As you have been a member for 7+ days and have made 1+ posts you now have the ability to start conversations with other members. Please remember that all the general rules apply to conversations, and these can be reported to a member of staff like any other post.
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    You have an avatar!

    Thank you for uploading an avatar, as this will help to more clearly identify your posts on the forum and make them stand out.