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    QF interline to WY when operated by MH metal ?

    Just to bump this guys, any thoughts ? I want to know if QF at MEL check in will check through my bags through (to KUL or even CMN) given that the first sector of the next ticket is a oneworld carrier MH even though ticketed by WY ? Cheers
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    Chauffeur pickup in J [Which carriers to Australia?]

    Did Qatar ever offer chauffeur drive as a published (or unpublished) benefit of flying J or even F ?
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    QF interline to WY when operated by MH metal ?

    Hi guys, I am considering flying to SIN on QF35, then taking an Oman air (WY) issued ticket from SIN-KUL then WY to MCT and onto the final destination on this part of the trip which is CMN. So the whole plan is QF award MEL-SIN WY paid fare SIN-KUL (MH) - MCT (WY) - CMN (WY) Now the first...
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    US traffic infringement: my name spelt incorrectly - would you still pay?

    Got a speeding ticket when I was in the US three years ago and didn't pay it, as when the fine came in the mail they got my surname massively wrong. Haven't heard anything since. But then again I haven't been back to the US since.
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    Answered Adding infant to partner award booking

    Yeah i understand that but my question was do I add my son to the ticket at the time of booking with AA or do I call QF after ticketing to add him in later ? If i can do it either way, will the AA method add additional charges (whether in miles or dollars) whereas perhaps by calling QF I can...
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    Answered Adding infant to partner award booking

    Hi guys, If i purchase AA miles to book QF PER-MEL in J class for my wife and I, how do I add my son (about six months at planned time of travel) to the booking ? I'm guessing I need to call QF ? Any idea if there's any charge involved ? I heard with QF for revenue domestic fares infants under...
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    Qantas Chauffeur service - General Questions/Advice

    Guys are QF F flights to SIN eligible for CD ?
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    Avianca "Lifemiles" - Questions and Discussion

    Guys I haven't used LM for years, are TG F awards blocked on certain routes or something ? Trying to find CDG-BKK TG931 and have tried multiple dates in May or June 2019 and online search tool keeps showing as "sold out". Or are they limiting it to one pax until closer to departure or something...
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    How to link infant to award booking

    Any idea how much this would cost ? 10% of the revenue fare plus taxes ?
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    Qantas & Air France partnership

    Have you flown AF 77W/La Premiere in F and tried their lounge at CDG ? Supposed to be one of the worlds best F experiences
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    Qantas & Air France partnership

    Tell me about it lol ! I've yet to meet someone who's flown AF F and hated it :D
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    Qantas & Air France partnership

    Is this in F ?
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    Qantas & Air France partnership

    I tried this suggestion but the search engine didn't even let me enter in CDG as a destination with SIN as the origin. Same with TXL/MAD/BCN etc. Hmmmmmm.
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    How to link infant to award booking

    Hi guys, My wife and I flew CMB-MEL on what was a reasonably priced EY F fare last year and for our effort we each earned 22,200 EY miles. At that time it crossed my mind that I may want to start building a points balance with EY but since their series of enhancements I have no desire to fly...
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    Chauffeur Drive

    Hi MEL_Traveller, What/where is this separate page you speak of ? Also on the QF website ? I thought the underline denoted a link but it didn't seem clickable..