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    Singapore rescheduled flights, connecting flight waitlisted??

    originally departing 13:00 rescheduled to 12:20 It also seems that the connecting flight SIN-SYD had an aircraft change from the 777-300ER to the A380 which is a bit of a bummer, I originally had seat 11K booked for that flight
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    Singapore rescheduled flights, connecting flight waitlisted??

    Thanks for your quick responses dajop & Cruiser Elite! It did seem a bit off, just rang them again and it appears that the first agent I spoke to misunderstood what I meant, the new agent was very apologetic (probably an understatement) and was able to sort it out. The panic definitely set in...
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    Singapore rescheduled flights, connecting flight waitlisted??

    Hi everyone! I'd really appreciate any help/advice over Singapore rescheduling flights So last night I received an email informing me that my (J award booking) flight SQ 327 from Munich to Singapore has been rescheduled to depart 40 minutes earlier than the original time, which is fine, no...
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    Changing connecting flight on award redemption

    Hi! I'm looking for some help/advice about booking J award seats, please bear with me! I've finally earned enough points (transferring from Velocity) to book J on my outbound flights from Europe later this year. Most of my preferable flights/dates are all on wait list, with only one available J...
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    How long did it take you to get your desired points?

    It still fascinates me to see people accumulating millions of points! That's the dream! (for me anyway!) I'm still quite new to the game, managed to earn about 110,000 VFF points in a year - 2 credit card sign ups, online shopping bonuses, using Amex for everything wherever possible. I did a...
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    NAB sending the wrong card out?

    Unfortunately it did drop a bit more (according to one credit score site anyway), the last time I applied for a credit card was a year ago and I doubt I'd be applying for any new ones for a while so it doesn't worry me much
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    a belated hello

    Hi everyone! Just realised I haven't formally introduced myself :rolleyes: Often lurk here when planning a trip/curious about flights/bored, I'm still quite new to building up my frequent flyer points & status's, and hope it won't be too long until I can really start earning and redeeming like...
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    NAB sending the wrong card out?

    Yep this happened to me earlier this year, I applied for the Platinum and was given the lower tiered card, even though I already had that one which was why they couldn't approve me for the 6000 limit minimum. Oddly both new and old card limits combined was over 6,000 so I called up and explained...