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    UK Bank Accounts

    It was very hard for me to open a high street account when I lived there. Took well over a month, and required face to face interview. I was then only able to open a specific non-resident Lloyds account. After that, I opened a Citibank which required a letter from Citibank AU proving I was a...
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    MEL 380 Demise Wake [Saturday March 9]

    I'll tag along space/late RSVP permitting. If not will join for a drink afterwards.
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    SQ Amenity kits

    I have received 6 or more J kits, in what appear to be random circumstances. In fact, I did the exact same flight 1 week apart SIN-MEL and in the first instance I got none in the second I got one. I have also been given them as gifts by the cabin crew on a flight where they were not provided to...
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    Maximising your Fly Time

    Hello All, Long time - no post. Good to be back. I had a review of my travel this year and found I spent 250 hours in the air, plus an extra 100+ at airport before flights in lounges. A quick look at next years bookings and i'm already up to that point without adding any work trips. Small...
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    2019 Travel Plans

    Finishing touches have been put on my 30th birthday trip - 48 Sectors, 100k miles, 17 Countries, 32 cities - 50% business, 25% First, 25% economy (short domestic hops only). Booked on a complex array of awards, RTW award, primarily on SQ, CX, JL, QF. Just a little excited for 2019 ;).
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    Lounge Meets December 2017

    @support - Sorry not confident I will do this right without breaking everything Date Flight # DEP Airport Lounge Time Guests Comments Friday 1 December VA697 MEL VA DOM 8:30 PM 1 Flight Time Sunday 3 December VA686 PER VA DOM 12:05 PM 1 Flight Time Saturday 23 December VA854 MEL VA DOM 13:00...
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    Lounge Meets May 2017

    Sun 22 May OOL QF from about 7AM (QF861) Sun 22 May SYD QF DOM J lounge from about 9am-1pm (long, unavoidable layover) (QF473) Can guest one in each
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    OOL BBQ, Drinks - 06/05/2017 (Date Confirmed)

    Hi all! Have cleared my messages now so I can respond haha. Was planning on doing some airport runs but turns out I'll be stuck with a TT so won't work for groups. If you need a lift though from OOL though send me a message anyway and I'll see if I can make it work
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    OOL BBQ, Drinks - 06/05/2017 (Date Confirmed)

    Hello! Long time, no see. After gallivanting around Europe for the last two years, I am finally returning home to Australia. I am proposing a BBQ and drinks at my new place on the Gold Coast. Would be a lot like the last one a few years ago which a few of you came to. Would be a limited...
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    BA Cheaper than easyJet/Ryanair

    I have seen ba cheaper or close enough a few times, but typically my £50-100 Ryan air flight which includes bulk head, priority, fast track etc. Would cost £200-350. A perfect example being London to Budapest next weekend. £100 on Ryan air with everything, £350 on BA with nothing. The 'loyalty'...
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    London Drinks - Sunday 29th March 2015

    I'll be on a two year visa, so most dates will work (except for the ones in travelling that is). Maybe we put in a bid to make AFF 10 (or whatever number they are upto) a UK event? :p
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    Lounge Meets April 2015

    Might see you in the BA Lounge! I'm on an earlier flight though, BA308 LHR-CDG @ 10:50
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    Lounge Meets September 2015

    11 Sep LGW No. 1 Lounge 08:30-09:30 14 Sep SXF - Need lounge spot 11:30-1:30
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    Lounge Meets August 2015

    13 Aug LGW No. 1 Lounge 12:00-14:00 17 Aug PRG BA Lounge 15:00-16:30
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    Lounge Meets May 2015

    15 May LGW 10:00-12:00 No, 1 Airport Lounge 17 May AMS 14:00-16:00 BA Lounge