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Recent content by maggies1

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    Jetstar insurance

    Thank you for your replies. The insurance was purchased with the ticket from Jetstar. Jetstar sent an email stating to include the email with an insurance claim due to the delay being 3 hours + for a refund. I will call Jetstar. They should refund the seat fees as he ended up in 28E instead of...
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    Jetstar insurance

    Jetstar cancelled the 0930am flight from MEL to SYD this morning. When my son got to the airport he was given Qantas flight at 1230pm and meal voucher. He has insurance on the cancelled flight , will he be able to make a claim for anything eg extra parking fees at Sydney airport and seat...
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    Week end cruise October

    Thanks for your response. I think Princess cruises is above the RSL club level. Have always enjoyed the experience with them. Of course you will get the bogan element when large groups of Aussies are enjoying themselves with plenty of booze available. I stay away from the pool deck bars where...
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    Week end cruise October

    Cheap weekend one way cruise on Golden Princess from Sydney to Melbourne Friday 25th to Sunday 27th October 2019. Fares from $199 pp twin share inside cabin for 2 nights. Book at Princess cruises by 25 July
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    Latest Scams in Europe 2018 please

    My brother in law and his wife were catching a train in Milan and had 3 large cases after cruising the Med. When they got to the stairs to the platform a man offered to help carry a case up the stairs. When they got to the platform he demanded 25 euro for carrying the case. Being a bushie BIL...
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    Free 2 business class amenities kit Qantas

    I would like one please
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    Góðan daginn Iceland

    Thank you for your fabulous trip report. Of interest there is an Icelandic tv series on SBS at the moment called Trapped, very watchable, has subtitles.
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    Pacific explorer cruise

    For example, my last cruise over 8 days the final bill was $100. That was for 1 glass of wine and 1 tonic water each night at dinner. I also gave the room steward $50 tip but tipping is not required if you don't want to. We went swimming at the islands at no cost, looked at the towns and local...
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    Pacific explorer cruise

    All meals , Tea, coffee water is free. You have to pay for beer wine spirits. If you want to do trips ashore you have to pay for the tours, but you can do your own thing for free. The shows onboard are included. Special restaurants onboard have a small cost but you don't have to go there the...
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    Pacific explorer cruise

    Need to change the date to 24 May for Pacific explorer and the price is $359pp inside twin. The 15 May Trip is Pacific Eden 4 days ex Sydney $239 pp.
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    Pacific explorer cruise

    Received email today for cruise next week, 8 days Pacific islands on Pacific explorer $329 for inside cabin pp twin share leaving Sydney 15 May
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    Cheap cruise

    No. I am already going on cruise. 84 percent off daily special. There is also Christmas cruise 12 nights for $1269US Celebrity Solstace to New Zealand from Sydney return.
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    Cheap cruise

    5 nights to Hobart from Sydney return. Norwegian Jewel 12 November $US227 Vacationstogo
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    SYD ATC Radar Failure 25/9/17

    Passengers at OOL have been on aircraft since 0530am. No service from Jetstar. Passenger spoke with Steve Price on 2GB.
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    Duty free question

    Thank you every one for your replies. I will call the duty free in Brisbane. It does say you can order and pick up on your return but I will be breaking my journey sort of as I return by ship. I am joining the Queen Mary 2 in Hong Kong next Sunday, really looking forward to it. I have to go to...