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    Velocity website down

    Errr...they don't have an "Indian" call centre.
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    Flight time changes - Ability to change to another flight easily

    FOC for schedule changes made by the airline.
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    Virgin forcing me to change my itinerary due to SYD-OOL (via MEL) for SC run

    So, if you were a passenger, you would be much happier to know that your flight was cancelled on the day of travel than before?
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    Delayed Flight, reimbursement for expenses.

    I booked with TID for an overseas trip recently and they specifically told me that any delays and cancellations that were due to the airline's fault was not covered by them; I did look at a few other insurance companies and they were all the same.
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    Move to Sabre - what can we expect to see improved?

    Yup. Retrieving bookings made on VA's partners, claiming points will become easier.
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    New Virgin Platinum Phone Service

    There is one based in AKL, but they only take calls for non-status members.
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    New Virgin Kiosk

    I think OOL had this implemented a few days ago?
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    Virgin and Velocity websites - enough is enough

    It's back online again, *here's hoping that my points have magically quadrupled*
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    DJ Boarding System Problems

    They will be switching in Jan 2013.
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    DJ Boarding System Problems

    According to Navitaire , Qantas and Qantas link also use it :shock:
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    DJ Boarding System Problems

    I've been told that the Navitare data center is having issues and a few other carriers are also affected (not sure who else apart from Virgin, Jetstar use Naivtare)
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    Filling the plane from the front or back?

    This might help:
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    Booking and Service Fee Change [Flat rate per PAX per booking]

    Re: Booking and Service Fee Change [- Flat rate per booking per pax] Call the GCC, they will honor the internet fares as you are unable to do this online.