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Recent content by kirky1

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    Lounge Meets January 2020

    Date Flight # DEP Airport Lounge Time Guests Comments Monday 13 Jan kirky1 QF23 SYD QF J / F 0800-1030 0 / -1 Love to have a QF F birthday breakfast celebration if possible. Thanks!
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    VA SQ Codeshare Flight, PAX Missing from SQ Ref

    Travelling in just over a week MEL - CDG via SIN return on VA flight numbers on SQ codeshare. Under the VA Ref I have all passengers listed (2x Adult, 2x Infant), and e-ticket number for all 4. Obtained the SQ Ref and found that only 3 of us are listed. Infant #2 doesn’t appear to be on the...
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    Air Asia X Premium Flatbed approx $300 return SYD/DPS or MEL/DPS

    Jumped onto this one. Family of 4. MEL - DPS Return. $762. 19/NOV - 26/NOV. Having 2 infants, just wondering what will happen with our seating, Anyone know how that works out from a seating aspect? (Number of Oxy Masks per seat group.) We have twins, and fear we may have to sit across the...
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    New Member, Long Time Reader posting from QF SIG Lounge

    Re: New Member, Long Time Reader posting from QF SIN Lounge Hey pantompharter. Yes, once I joined AFF I got a bit more serious about the chase FF points and status in the hope of one day getting to the very pointy end. My allowance for return flights to Europe went up a few hundred dollars...
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    Qantas Business Companion Sale

    $482 Wellington to Melbourne for Business. $6 per SC seems reasonable for the last 80 SC I'm on the hunt for. Shame SWMBO is not keen on coming. Will have to find another companion. :-| I fear she'll make me do the multiple hard slogs AAV > SYD return for $5.4 per SC. Though being new to the...
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    New Member, Long Time Reader posting from QF SIG Lounge

    Have been a long time reader of this forum, short time member. Posting from the Qantas Singapore Lounge. (Yes on an Expedia Brazil fare). The constant reminder banner has convinced me I should probably introduce myself. My line of work does involve support of a major airline. The company is...