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Recent content by Grooba

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    EDR Targeted Bonus Point Promotions

    Right on schedule another $120/500 $160/750 valid Thursday to Sunday offer.
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    International Carry on criteria: Boogie Boards.

    I'd second the notion of checking it in. Well actually now i rethink it, checking boogie boards in doesn't always end up well. YMMV!
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    Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi?

    Tough call! But if I had to choose I would go with Hanoi purely for the fact it's closer to one of my favourite cities, Sapa, the city in the clouds.
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    Cathay to introduce B777-300ER service to SYD

    Great news! A true enhancement from CX, bravo.
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    A girly topic for you blokes! Which wallet?

    Everything (including my wallet) goes into my back pack these days - I can't stand having anything even the slightest bit bulky in either back pocket.
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    Honestly, what is the point of Platinum One?

    You're right mcnul73, the whole P1 thing is quite ridiculous imho. People that fly that much on QF metal (and probably in premium cabins) are crazy not to start crediting to another (say AA) program and reap the (significant) rewards.
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    QF29 vs QF127 to HKG, upgrade chances?

    Upgrade chance on either flight is a lottery so based on that if I paid for an economy ticket I'd 100% go with the 388 ex SYD.
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    Post 1st July 14 SC earning

    Couple of SYD-ADL-SYD this month in disc Y, very depressing to see the "fairer and simpler" results.
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    Malaysian Airlines MH17 Crashes in Ukraine

    Absolutely speechless. FT thread discussion already quite in depth. BREAKING: Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash in Ukraine (July 2014) - FlyerTalk Forums
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    "oneworld" award (132.4K/249.6K/318K/455K) Planning - The Definitive Thread

    re: "oneworld" award (140K/280K/420K) Planning - The Definitive Thread This is not always the case. At times if a 2 class flight and on a 280k J award you will get seated in the F cabin. Not always but it happens semi regularly.
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    Heads up about program changes

    Regarding the award seats JohnK, have you tried asking them to open up what you are after?
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    EDR Targeted Bonus Point Promotions

    Agreed. The whole reason they send you offers is not for your benefit.
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    Famous people seen (or even met) whilst flying or lounging

    Jimmy Barnes in the line up for coffee this morning in SYD J lounge.
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    new to this

    Welcome to the addiction!
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    AA flight SYD to HNL

    As stated above AA do not fly their metal to/from AU. You could use your points to fly QF J SYD-HNL-SYD. No to SYD-HNL vv but yes HNL-LAX/DFW vv. You're welcome!