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Recent content by Graemeha

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    Suggested use for QFF & Krisflyer points.

    "1. When do your KF points expire? Are you gonna have enough points in your account before your old points expire." We flew Y to Europe in Oct/Nov 2013, so I assume that they (about 21,000 points each) will expire in Oct 2016 "2. What booking class is your SWISS? Will they earn KF points? If...
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    Suggested use for QFF & Krisflyer points.

    VAG Newbie, thanks for the response. I know that I don't have many KF points, we accumulated them from a trip to Europe on Singapore airlines a couple of years ago (hence they are about to expire). We are going again later this year via Star Alliance (Swiss International). I am accumulating...
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    Suggested use for QFF & Krisflyer points.

    I will have accumulated about 75,000 Krisflyer points and 140,000 QFF points by the end of the year. About 35,000 Krisflyer points will expire shortly. I am looking at the best use of these points. Perhaps a trip to Singapore or Hong Kong, flying SQ one way and QF the other, booking economy and...
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    Worse stress levels

    Arranged a trip though Europe with wife, her twin sister and brother-in-law. Plan was to fly to Rome for 4 nights, train to Venice, stay 3 nights, train to Lyon France then pick up a hire car and drive on a circuit around France, visiting Avignon, Carcassonne, Dordonne, Bordeaux, Loire Valley...
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    How to upgrade seats?

    Have you investigated a Mixed Class Airfare to Europe. It involves flying to Singapore or Hong Kong Economy, then to Europe by Business Class. A previous comment suggested something like this. Swiss International Airlines has a reasonable deal at present. It ends up costing about $5,000 each...