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Recent content by galah

  1. galah

    Benefits for Qantas Frequent Flyers on Westjet?

    FWIW, I flew YUL-YYZ on Westjet (QF code) back in 2016 as a WP, and don't recall getting any special treatment either. I checked one bag without paying a fee (can't remember if this was by design or not) and used all regular checkin/security/boarding lines, which were empty on a Friday night in...
  2. galah

    AA Fare Cancellation

    Yes, made for part of a status run :D. And if it wasn't clear from my previous post, the paper voucher is good for any AA itinerary with any origin, any codeshares etc.
  3. galah

    AA Fare Cancellation

    I faced a similar situation earlier this year albeit in reverse, where I had a credit for a cancelled AKL-SYD-LAX-JFK one-way trip, and the validity period of the credit was about to expire (I'd booked it 10 months in advance, cancelled a few days prior, and only had 2 months to fly any...
  4. galah

    New (ish) First Class check in at JFK

    Thanks for sharing Pete. AA's 'Flagship Checkin' at T8 has been there since 2014, however up until May 2017 it was for the exclusive use of 3-class trans-con, Concierge Key and Five Star Services (e.g. non-status based options). From May last year, they also admitted OneWorld Emerald status...
  5. galah

    Appropriate expectations when flying AA in DOM Y or F

    For reference - you can track AA's domestic widebody schedule here: (check under widebody schedules > US domestic). This is a good reference if your plans are flexible enough to allow choice between a narrowbody and a nice new 789 with a flat bed :)...
  6. galah

    QF SC/Pts calculator not working (USA)

    I've found this annoying as well. I presume they've put the calculator on hold until after Jan 10th when the enhanced USA J/F earning comes into effect? Seems strange they've restricted it by USA location only though.
  7. galah

    Your 2016 Flying Year in Review

    Here's my flight map for 2016. Turning into a corporate slave this year has certainly helped bump the stats up. Sectors: 84 Miles: 105,273 Flight Time: 230 hours, 10 minutes (9.6 days) Airlines: AA (54), DL (20), BA (4), RC (2, new), QF (2), WS (1), VA (1) Airports: MIA (36), JFK (34), LGA...
  8. galah

    Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options

    Re: Suggestions for SC maximisation on US sectors You could get the Amtrak train to Newark (3 hours) and fly EWR-DFW-MSY which would net you 30 more SCs than flying from DCA. It might be an early start though :) You're already hitting one of the sweet spots on the return, which is DFW-BOS...
  9. galah

    Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options

    Re: Best Status Run Options - A quick overview! [not the discussion thread] I cannot emphasise this enough! My bag hasn't shown up 4 of the 6 times I've checked it on AA flights within the last 12 months. The worst one was a 10-day wait to get it back. The only upside being that I've now...
  10. galah

    AA's Admirals Club 30-day Membership: QF lounge access?

    You will be able to access Qantas Clubs with the 30 day AC membership when travelling on QF metal. Generally speaking, if the airport has an Admiral's Club, then you will have access to it only, and not any other lounges (one exception to this is HNL, where you can access both AC and QP) Full...
  11. galah

    Has Qantas A380 Melb to LAX got WIFI?

    The problem with WiFi on the A380 in particular is that you're having to split one satellite connection with 400+ pax, leading to crushingly slow internet. Perhaps they use multiple connections, but still that's where the bottleneck lies. I recently had the (dis)pleasure of using Delta's GoGo...
  12. galah

    bang for buck USA LAX to JFK

    Check the earn on the Qantas earn calculator: As rabbits5 mentioned above, you generally want segments that earn 90+ SCs (750 miles or more). LAX-PHX and PHX-DEN are less than 750 miles, however LAX-DEN direct is just over 750 ;)
  13. galah

    bang for buck USA LAX to JFK

    OK - I'll bite. Given it's close to departure, I think you'd be better off making two trips - one SC run, and one that involves going to NYC. You haven't specified exact dates or how long you need to be in NYC for, so I've taken a guess. I hope you like flying! :p Trip 1: LAX - Panama City...
  14. galah

    QF Status Credits on AA Flight

    Also note that when flying economy between JFK-BOS, QFF Silver members and above (and their OW equivalents) get access to the business lie-flat seats when flying the A321Ts, which are common on this route. Economy points/SCs still apply. ;) Not a huge deal on a 45 min flight, but a nice perk...
  15. galah

    AA's Admirals Club 30-day Membership: QF lounge access?

    As a data point to Mattg's post above, Ms Galah was denied purchase of an AC 30-day membership at the AA lounge in Chicago on the weekend, and was told "we don't sell those anymore". After pointing out that you could still purchase a 30-day membership online through, the lounge dragons...