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    Qantas Domestic & International Business Class meals/menus

    I thought exactly the same...
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    What I ate today - the food thread

    Vanila slices are always messy, but always nice...
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    'I had a proper look, not just a man look LOL'. My wife says that to me almost every day...
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    Arrivals Cap still in place for Incoming flights up to end December

    Agree with you, though I am glad they did not 'urgently' build anything 18 months ago - this always leads to wrong place, botched job, dodgy contracts, vast cost over-runs - you know how it goes...
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    Which Airlines may be next to Fold?

    That crossed my mind as well...
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    MH 777 missing - MH370 media statement

    No-one is shooting the messenger...
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    Qantas Contact number not working

    'The system simply doesn’t notice you'. Sounds like a lot of the QF system...
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    Platinum One experiences?

    It is school holidays after all, maybe the work experience kids are back?
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    QF B737 Replacement Competition

    Personally, it would always be in the back of my mind. If and when the need arises to look at the possibility, I would also be looking for earlier or later flights with a different aircraft.
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    More Changes to the QFF account page

    'QF seem to be constantly tinkering with their site and most of it is not for the better.' Perhaps they should revert to the old rule that if it ain't broke, don't fix it!
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    Advice on how to best rebook a flight

    I assume you meant to say Hi?
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    Qantas direct LST-BNE

    well spotted...
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    Best Hotel room views (no car parks)

    Or in QF parlance - enhanced?
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    Drone at Sydney Airport

    Assume you mean in Sydney, but the Coogee that I know of is a beach in the western suburbs of Perth where you could fly your drone, and there is also an island just off the coast - Garden Island. However if you flew your drone over that you would be in trouble as it is home for a rather large...