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Recent content by DavidM1

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    AMEX travel disappointments

    I’ve used once for a hotel booking and it was pretty much the same price as with other booking sites like I have however found the airline bookings poor. Many airlines, even full service ones, are not available, and they also have a very limited number of flight options.
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    Is a first class award really worth it?

    I agree that the number of points needed for F vs J is not worth it. We fly once a year to Europe with SQ, redeeming points in J. The difference between J and Y is of course enormous. A couple of years ago we couldn’t get J but were able to fly Milan-SIN-MEL in F. The second leg was in Suites...
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    Is a first class award really worth it?

    After many years of flying economy on SQ with Krisflyer points, we also decided it just wasn't worth it with the high taxes and airline charges. So started flying business class and of course we are now committed. One trip we couldn't get J on points but F was available so we took that...
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    Expiry of KrisFlyer points

    Perplexed by the comment that Krisflyer is one of the "stingiest" programmes around. I think it's a great programme as long as you can accumulate enough points in the 3 years and with my credit card usage that's not too hard. Contrast a Melbourne - Copenhagen economy ticket with QF costing...