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    MH lounge access at BKK

    MH uses the thai silk lounge in BKK if flying business, much better lounge than any OW lounge in BKK. They will give you a separate boarding pass with a lounge invite stamped on it. enjoy!
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    50% more points on trans tasman,

    i've also got both offer plus 50% bonus status credits on international flights with QF flight number. anyone else got the same? Frequent Flyer - Member Specials - Bonus Status credits offer
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    info re Marco Polo club please

    i too got status matched QF WP-> MPC gold 2 weeks ago, easy process i just e-mailed marco polo which i wasnt even a member then, and haven't even flown CX last year just sent my last years activity statement and a copy of my qff card and lo and behold 2 days later they e-mailed me saying "sorry...
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    Lunch with Lesley – Attendees

    i myself is so very thankful for the wonderful opportunity to be part in such an amazing event (thanks Redroo! ( daym! :) ) for me being a newbie and my first aff event the highlight would be meeting such a great bunch of people specially the melbournians and being in a table with the infamous...
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    Lunch with Lesley

    i'm on the same flight as well, i shall see you and Dmac in lounge tomorrow ;)
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    info re Marco Polo club please

    this one? oh sorry i think you might have to be a MPC member to access it not too sure... alternatively you can use asiamiles website as well
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    info re Marco Polo club please

    yep i agree unless you fly alot with CX then it would be harder to achieve/maintain top status, with my flying pattern i still think QFF is easier to achieve as such oh thanks! ;) but wasn't my intention to broadcast my fb hehe
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    info re Marco Polo club please

    they probably wont status match you, but probably one level below WP->SG if you asked them nicely ;)
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    Lunch with Lesley – Attendees

    YeY i got chosen! i have the following details of flight as per e-mail QF416– departing Melbourne at 08:30 and arriving in Sydney at 09:55 (Tuesday 8 April) and QF455– departing Sydney at 17:30 and arriving back in Melbourne at 19:05 (Tuesday 8 April) anyone else from melbourne with the...
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    Cheap Ex Thailand J Deals with MH to Dubai - $1100 Return

    Indeed! Found great status run for under $2/SC!!! :D
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    Accessing AFF with Mobile Device

    hi all newbie here. i couldn't log in on the app on my phone. getting an error message to contact admin but don't know how :/
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    ty hvr, johnk @twilsoncrow so sad my team didn't make it to the finals this year but oh well nxt year :)