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    Virgin: 1/2 Price Fares 5-7pm today

    Yes. I was pleasantly surprised. 1615517111 You are now going to tell me I was ripped off......
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    Virgin: 1/2 Price Fares 5-7pm today

    i recently purchased two SYD-MEL return flights for $318. it will be interesting if this offer bests that.
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    Travelling to Australia During COVID-19 (Discussion)

    Back flying finally, and am just finishing three days in Sydney. In Melbourne, where I live, people take mask wearing seriously, but I have walked into many shops, restaurants and pubs where checking in was barely or not enforced. Not so in Sydney, where every place I went to not only insisted...
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    Working from home: How are you finding Zoom, virtual business meetings, etc.?

    I’m having about 5 or so zoom catch ups a week. One is our pub one at 4.30pm on Friday, which is the highlight. I still have face to face meetings most days (one at 7am tomorrow) and am getting productive work done, but like nearly everyone am below target. Can’t see me back in the office for...
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    SYD Airport hotels

    Pay the extra and stay at Rydges provided you get a room overlooking the runway. Watching a busy airport at efficient business is a sight to behold. Worth the extra cost.
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    VA reward flights to Europe

    It’s been about 5 years since I redeemed about 500k VA points for two business class fares from MEL-LHR and FRA-MEL return on Etihad, but I found the call centre to be wonderfully helpful and we got exactly the flights we were after. I was Platinum then, as I am now, so that may have helped as I...
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    Divisive topics unrelated to travel

    The thought of putting people on ignore has never entered my mind. Unlike other forums I’m on, where bitterness and anger prevails even in well moderated forums, I don’t think I’ve detected a single troll here. In fact it was quite a shock to find so many people willing to go out of their way to...
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    Divisive topics unrelated to travel

    I avoided the Thunberg thread here because I was up to my neck in another forum battling things out with US conservatives. But I think the Playground section is very important to this forum. I’m not flying much just at the moment so the flying sections aren’t of great interest to me now. I still...
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    Accor not crediting points

    In the past year and a bit I’ve stayed at three Sofitel Hotels, once at Nusa Dua for 10 days and twice in suites at Singapore for four days each. I was not given points for the first two as they were booked with Luxury Escapes. It was probably in the small print, but when I queried it I was told...
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    I am "almost" completely fed up with Qantas, whats it like on the "Dark side" ?

    Totally subjective, but VA staff seem to enjoy their work more, which makes for a better overall experience.
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    Velocity Voice

    It seems that only high status flyers have been invited.
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    Velocity Voice

    FWIW I don’t think VA will ever consider lifetime status. How many members do see here saying “I have Qantas lifetime status, so I will now chase status on other airlines”? Lifetime status can and does work against loyality
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    Velocity Voice

    I should add that I haven’t flown for a few months, so the invite couldn’t have been generated by recent flights only
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    Velocity Voice

    Interesting. I logged in successfully and posted one of the first messages on the forum (if a forum it turns out to be). Let’s see
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    Velocity Voice

    Interesting. I logged in successfully and posted one of the first messages on the forum (if a forum it turns out to be). Let’s see.