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Recent content by auriga

  1. auriga

    Why do we hold unreal expectations of Qantas??

    You are right there. The Int J lounge in Sydney is truly truly pathetic. Not to mention having to do the walk of shame to get there!
  2. auriga

    Which debit card is best overseas?

    I believe it's $2000 per month, not 2 deposits
  3. auriga

    QR award availability down to 219 days???

    Same thing, couldn't allocate our seats. Had to call. Frankly not impressed with the call experience... PNR, names of passengers, phone number, email address, AND date of ticket purchase!!! WTF! Considering you only need PNR and one last name to log into the booking online.
  4. auriga

    Singapore Airlines Amsterdam to Sydney with velocity points?

    I think with SQ flights thru krisflyer, there is no real need to book the first instant the seats are released.
  5. auriga

    CC Application Declined Instantly

    I am a self funded "home duties" person. Approved from ANZ and Amex. Instant decline from St George. Declined after blah blah blah from NAB.
  6. auriga

    Do Not take Shanghai transit going to London

    Maybe a bit unfair. I did a transit in Beijing, and it was fairly painless.
  7. auriga

    AMEX Ultimate Travel Credit?

    You are right... Amex travel definitely has fewer options and is almost never the cheapest for any given hotel. *I realise this may not apply to this particular card which is only for Qantas travel
  8. auriga

    StGeorge Amplify Signature - 80,000 QFF bonus points for $0 fee

    OK thanks... I am with QF rewards
  9. auriga

    StGeorge Amplify Signature - 80,000 QFF bonus points for $0 fee

    I just got this card last week. Done some spending on the card. Question is... how do I see the points tally? Cannot seem to see anything when logged into the st george internet banking site
  10. auriga

    Upcoming trip to Taipei – Advice welcome on things to do, transport, food and accommodation options

    Are the rates there a lot better than in Taipei proper?
  11. auriga

    Smartgate not working after Passport renewal

    I believe the system is buggy... ha ha.... always the same thing with partner's Singapore passport, the kiosk would show an error and need to be processed manually. It doesn't get to the facial recognition stage. Parents' Singapore passports go through OK.
  12. auriga

    Answered AA award rules regarding Qatar

    What are the rules regarding the use of Qatar Airlines, transiting in Doha to be counted as one award? Does the whole itinerary need to be on QR, or would it be OK to have Qantas->Qatar->Qatar ? Thanks
  13. auriga

    Wow!!.....Syd-Lhr rtn on Sq in Y: $1270

    The same promotion has SYDBKK return from $695.
  14. auriga

    A couple of questions from an AAdvantage newbie

    Does anyone know whether SYD-SIN (BA),SIN-HKG-CDG (CX) can be priced as one award?